Saturday, August 1, 2009

Watched a good movie!

"Then She Found Me" made by and starring Helen Hunt. Very, very well done. Thumbs Up.

Phase two of Porch Beautification Project was accomplished tonight. I spent a very long time washing spider webs and dead bugs and wasps' nests off the eaves, siding , corners, doorsill, every where. Hosed down the cement and the chairs. The chairs need to be cleaned with bleach spray if they are ever going to be anywhere close to clean again. I would rather get new chairs. I did a "wanted" on Freecycle for "pretty Porch chairs" Maybe some rich Freecycler is upgrading and I can get some hand me downs. I also plan to keep watching clearance... I broke my globe on the porchlight tonight, washing down spider webs. I am a little mad at Michael for it because he changed the bulb and obviously didn't screw the screws tightly enough or correctly or something. The pressure from a water hose shouldn't be enough to knock it down. The sad part is, it was kind of a "vintage" globe I bought at a second hand store, so not like everybody else's in the neighborhood. Maybe I'll go used shopping tomorrow. I was thinking earlier in the day today how I haven't gotten into my Saturday Farmer's Market and thrift store routine this year. Maybe it's the week to start. Phase three tomorrow will either be washing the chairs or painting the base of the table.

I started edging the other side of the driveway. There seem to be MORE weeds on that side, yet they come out more easily. I wonder why. Tomorrow I need to weed the beds some more before I work on the edging. Those thistles keep popping back up! The squash plant has turned gargantuan. It is almost horror-filmish in its size. It may envelop the house and trap me inside to punish me for all the thistle murder.

It felt good to relax and watch a movie tonight - I am not able to do it very often. My hips have been VERY sore and I have been in a lot of pain, however, so lying down and watching the movie was a tremendous relief. Although I love the weeding, sitting on the ground for hours at a time has consequences! They still hurt. I may take drugs tonight for my owies.

I'll report again tomorrow!


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