Friday, July 31, 2009

Short "for reals," as Emily would say...

I did the evil after work nap until 8:30, THEN got up and went out to dinner, then I went to Wal-mart and walked the store for over an hour, not high speed, but just to get some movement in. I had planned tonight to do Day 2 of porch beautification project - which was hose down all the cobwebs and dead bugs therein. It was raining tonight however, and obviously I was lethargic. I bought a can of purple spray paint at the store. I plan to paint the base of the table. I need more color outside this house. Gray, black and white are not really ME, you know. If you've seen the inside, you know what I mean! I have also picked purple paint for my front door and shutters. I want to plan another girlfriend project day and make some of the painting my project. I think I am aiming for September. Although Michael and I want to have a party, too. Maybe I ought to plan project day first so some of it will be done by party date.

Back to school supplies are out and I wanted new office supplies so badly. I satisfied myself with buying some crayons and markers to donate the little drive at work we always do.

Okay I am going to do about three household tasks and then go to bed. My goal is 12:30 and I already took some drugs to assist. I really need to sleep tonight if I am going to make it through the day tomorrow!

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