Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things are happily interesting.

Oops! I hit enter and only entered the title as a post.

I will report more fully on Monday or Tuesday.

Miguel, if you read you might get it if I say "Phouchg IRL = The Babe?" I've said very little to selected few, but the view is optimistic.

We shall see. We shall see.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I took off the ped right after work and mostly lay around and knit and watched TV tonight. Yes, I have a kidney infection and I am on three days of the biggest double dose of bactrim. If I don't feel 100% at the end of three days I am going to ask for a recheck to make sure all the nastiness is gone. I also went to B-foods and bought probiotics so I will have some delicious intestinal flora. I had planned to buy it to make homemade deodorant anyway, so this was motivation to get that done.

I need to be all better. Tomorrow is Buffalo Sisters, if I feel well enough. Thursday is counseling/coaching appointment with Christine. Friday is get Byron from the airport. Saturday is farmer's market and in the evening Byron's recital. It's all good and I need to have some energy! I also definitely need to wash some dishes somewhere in there, tidy up and at least start my taxes!

Monday, February 6, 2012


I bought a pedometer last night. I used to have one and frequently achieved the legendary 10,000 steps. I do want to note that I felt pretty miserable today. After work I cooked enough to make a promised dinner to a Buffalo Sister, ate a little bit and then lay down and watched TV and knitted. Completed the second booby hat! Normally I would have at least also cleaned up after dinner.

I guess I am going to say 2500 is a baseline and that I will work every day to achieve more.

I went to the dr. and peed in a cup today and they never called me back. If it does turn out to be positive and I had to suffer one more day I will be disillusioned about my new dr.