Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June Minimalist Challenge #12 I OPENED SOME BOXES

And so many things are ready to go out....

I have some things I want to keep, but I know that it is a small enough amount that I should be able to organize them.

I have some items that I will scan and keep or photograph and keep. I have some items that I will offer to the cousins or other relatives and if they don't want them they are going out.

pretty sure this is a batch of 19 for today. I did take some individual photos from some of the envelopes. 

This was a batch of 20, counted for tomorrow, just in case I don't get a good opportunity to take a photo. I have a big meeting tomorrow night. 

Some clothes that went out tonight. 

to be donated

To be trashed. Lots have black mold and/or photos are stuck together

Black mold, but I am going to see if my cousin Liz wants this stuff. It has the Holt and Leeper family geneologies. My Uncle Harry's school safety patrol certificates and photos from 1943... 

Some of this has mold, but I want to try to do something with it anyway. My mom and dad's love letters are in here and I kind of feel like I should burn them.  

Monday, June 18, 2018

June Minimalist Challenge #11 Just 18...

Eighteen things tonight but here is the biggy... including some packets of pictures. I looked through and pulled out about ten photos total and the rest are GOING.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

June Minimalist Challenge #10 SO MANY THINGS

Such a big weekend of purging. It was very emotional and I was actually sort of upset all weekend. I have been thinking deeply.... deeply. One thing I have always said it "People are more important than things." BUT also that  "taking good care of our things is a way of showing gratitude for what we have." The family photos are somehow fraught with meaning, but I haven't discovered yet what exactly that meaning IS for me.

My friend Ruthie/Jen who helped me with earlier purging came and took boxes of art and craft supplies. She can keep what she wants and then will donate the rest to the Boys and Girls Club. I went through several notebooks and pulled out pages of daily lists and food logs. Some of the notebooks have enough pages to still be useful and they are being assembled for the next donation batch. K came and took the big shelves! There is no going back now. I have decided I want to achieve the closet half empty so that as a guest room it will have some usable storage space. The closet is completely full, so I still have LOTS of purging to do. I got rid of most Halloween items and parts of costumes. (I'm not sure if I posted those pics).... I pulled out an entire tote of gift wrap. I am starting to think about Christmas, what do I really want. I hate to get rid of all of the homemade ornaments, but Emily doesn't want them, and Britt basically lives in a truck. Maybe those will also be photographed and then donated? I don't know. I don't know if I will continue counting items or not. I joked with K that now there are COUNTLESS items, so I need to start counting from the end - Day 30 and 29 and 28 are finished.

Part of me is embarrassed at how much useless crap I found. Part of me is still happy to have the letters and postcards and assorted ephemera....

An orange I had painted MANY years ago

My SAT scores

Soso and ensemble and other orchestra medals

I think this is my costume hat from "Funny Girl"

This was from when I was about 10, a note inside said I received it in a school gift echange

My Seminary certificates (Mormon High School religious education program)

Set of toy keys that had been a favorite for Britt

My sixth grade report card

From Emily

From my niece Tomiko

This is going out to the dumpster tonight

The view looking into the room

The view looking out from the desk chair. 
Another empty box

I think this was day 15

Day 16 THE ENTIRE TOTE of gift wrap

Thursday, June 14, 2018

June Minimalist Challenge #9

It is getting much harder. Although I have opened some boxes and taken out things I am far from finishing the challenge and far from having the room in the condition I want. I am going to have to open some boxes and make some more serious decisions. I am starting to remind myself more frequently that the question is "do I want to move this again?" Last night I opened a box and it had some sentimental stuff in it... a necklace that SOMEbody gave me from SOME trip SOMEwhere, but I don't recall WHO or WHERE or WHEN. There was a pencil cup one of the children, Emily, I think made from a juice can.... and a ISSMA medal that I think was one of mine.... and a bunch of little green pellets. It took me a few seconds to remember that was the mouse poison I had put out in the garage of the house. One of the little guys had stashed some away in a hidey place before his demise. I almost bet I will find some more of that... So tonight is 14 and there are fourteen items in the photo on the chair, but also those bonus items, from the mousie place that went out last night!

Mousie box, oh yeah, my college tassel was in there too!

Tonight's 14 items

and just because I really know how to make life fun! I dropped my hair dryer on my foot this morning! I still walked back from lunch and back home at the end of the day, which maybe was a bad choice, but I took yesterday off from exercise because I was depressed and really wanted to get back on the wagon today! I'm going to go take off my nail polish in a minute anbdsee if the nail is bruised. My vanity about my feet cares more about that than if it is broken or not...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June Minimalist Challenge #8

Ten frames that we used as centerpieces for my parent's 60th anniversary party in 2011... and I have moved then from the party back to my house, from my house into storage, from storage into my apartment. Tonight I finally took the photos out and the frames are all in a box to go!

Once I get to actual photos I will have serious thinking to do. 

June Minimalist Challenge #7

It is almost bedtime, so I am not going to say a lot. BUT I AM CAUGHT UP. Even more exciting is that some of my items are boxes of stuff, not just individual items. I am really taking a look at my craft stuff and really sorting. I only do a few things now; knitting, gift wrap, cards, and some stitching things.... I am trying to even look at those supplies with a pretty critical eye.

Day 8

Also Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11
Day 12

Thursday, June 7, 2018

June Minimalist Challenge #6

it has been a long, hard day. I am leaving for the weekend, and I had hoped to be ahead of the game, but it looks like i will be playing catch-up instead when I get back.

Because of making these (twice! I had a bad batch!)

But they turned out well in the end and it was reported that the cast and crew of "Fun Home" loved them!
I did pull more things out of the craft container. There is a complicated method as to why this counts as eight things, but now I realize it is only the seventh anyway, so whatever. 

yeah, I hate it when people don't rotate their picture properly, but it is 11:39 and I am tired. This entire bag of fabrics is going to leave!