Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Old posts

The previous six posts are posts that I found in a Drafts folder and published. Dates were in 2008 and 2009, 2010, and 2011 I think. I didn't realize it would delete the actual dates when I published today.

Finished another project!

Help! My blog disappeared!

I came to look at it and it is blank. I hope this posts. I hope my other posts return.


Missions Accomplished?

Here's what I want to accomplish today:
Finish reading "Pay It Forward." Done.
Go to church, maybe. Done. It was up to 18 degrees on the way to church, then I had to park two blocks away and walk. Whine.
Go to store. Done.
Bake cheesecake. Done.
Wrap two more Christmas gifts. Done. I actually wrapped everything I have ready.
Begin knitting Baby Erica's (Katie's charge) hat
Do two miles of exercise videos. # 1 6:07
Eat at least 20 grams of fiber.
Clean out refrigerator. Done.
Start one additional Christmas gift project, that shall probably not be mentioned on this site until after the actual holiday has passed.
Stop by newpsaper office and pick up a Sunday paper and Michael's gift that is on my desk. Done.
Pick up mail. Done.
If I have time I would like to watch another movie, but reading the book will take priority today.
Try for that pedicure again. I'd really rather wait and see if I can convince Renee to barter for one and have it done for me. I'm sure she'd take a cheesecake, but I usually make her one for her birthday anyway which is next month. Maybe I"ll get double ingredients while I am shopping, just in case. Talked to Renee. Tuesday at 8:00. She's thinking about what she'd like in trade. So, sort of done.

Just a happy:

Happy for geeky stuff - getting SO MUCH caught up at work, including finishing the "Publisher's Claims" for the legal display ads in August. It was a big hairy task that got way behind because I took the time off.


Maybe more later.

Today's Recap:

Cheesecake: I baked lemon, but I thought the edges were too brown so I didn't take it to Tamyra. I took it to work and asked for feedback. What I got was eleven "excellents." I didn't get twelve because I left one piece home for Michael, but he'd better rate it excellent too! It gave me a lot more confidence in this recipe. I asked several people specifically about the browning on the edges and they said they liked it, that it made it more interesting and not look manufactured....

Work: I worked really hard and methodically at preparing my copies of proof of publication for my Township Annual reports so my piles on my desk are more under control and I feel much more organized and relieved.

Class: "Regulatory Affairs of the FDA" It was much better than I expected. I was afraid I would have trouble staying awake after a hard workday and staying up late baking, etc. Also we had severe thunderstorms and wind that kept me up a lot in the night. It was fairly interesting, however, and the instructor knowledgeable and enthusiastic, so no problem.

Financial: I paid off a small debt that has been on my uberlist for two years running. A great feeling of personal satisfaction and relief of a burden of responsibility that I should have taken care of a long time ago. The tax refund money is dwindling, but I feel for the most part I have used is wisely in paying off small debts that are not included in the debt management program and I will not have to even think about them any longer. Very happy.

Household.: House is a wreck! I was too tired after baking to clean up properly last night, then Michael home sick today making messes and not cleaning up, me coming home for lunch, also have left sewing stuff out from working on chalk bag.... more. Tomorrow kitty has vet appt. at 9:15, part of my financial commitment with the tax money. I asked to just take the entire morning off, so will work on house during that time. I also hope to must enough energy to at least do one sink load of dishes tonight to get a head start.

Personal: A woman at work whose husband works in the flooring business is going to try to help me get tile cheaply for my bathroom. I want to retile with ceramic, take out the vanity and put in a pedestal sink. It will really open up the bathroom and should increase the value more for the intended resale of this place. Can you tell I'm really thinking about this?

It sounds like the thunderstorm is about here so I'd better sign off before the lightening strikes.

Happy today for: A garage to park in so I don't have to worry about hail damage or limbs on my car!

Happy for

Keeping cello lessons in the tight, tight budget.

Hearing my son in the orchestra playing the William Tell Overture.

But I have been sitting down way too long today and must go elevate my swollen, tingly footsies, so off to watch some "Lost." So sorry.