Friday, March 23, 2012

Chugging along...

I finished the non-fiction book, The Warmest Room in the House about American kitchen and how advances in technology, food science and media have influences the American diet. I loved it. I wish I had time to read it again studiously and make notes on the interesting points. Well, I might as well face it. I probably DO have time, but I choose to use my time in other ways. I am choosing to read the Barbara Kingsolver book right now - The Lacuna. It has a different feel about it than her other books I have read. Still enjoyable, just different.

Last night I made hummus for the first time. I think it is pretty good and something I will continue to make at home unless our situation changes. The tahini I had in the garage was too old and yucky. I looked it up yesterday to ascertain the desired texture, just to make sure. In looking that up I learned that one can buy the sesame seeds and make tahini at home. If I do start a food blog...I am thinking that each recipe must start completely from scratch... like from PLANTS or something immediately identifiable and not even one step away from its plant source. Like my garbanzos were dried and that's okay, but canned would be "processed" and not allowed, and the tahini must be from the seeds and not from a jar. If I am going to use flours I must grind it myself.... This would be a major undertaking, but definitely a way to keep with whole foods. Having formerly been in the Mormon culture I know the sources to order real wheat kernels, oat groats and the like. I'd probably need to invest in additional equipment, but that's kind of contrary to my quest to ride myself of material things. Hmmm...

April 7 there is a really free market. I plan to take loads of items to give away. If I don't manage that I will take more to Unity Circulation Day. I'm going to go search right now and find out then that is.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I read!

I read 30 pages (+ some at lunch) in my current non-fiction book. Ahhhh...

Tonight I have been considering a new blog, one that could possibly be supported by ads (Eek!) about life as I try to get back to whole foods cooking. I am going to think about it and do some research and I'll get back to you on that!

Too much facebook

Not enough reading.

Beginning tonight, no Facebook until I have read at least thirty pages.

I made a typo and it said "Fecebook" until I corrected it - now that's a thought.