Friday, July 31, 2015


I hate memorial ads, but sometimes it is worth it: 

It brought tears to my eyes.  It is beautiful like her and her spirit.  Thank you for helping me to honor our mom.  I appreciate it so much.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Deep Thoughts

Thoughts from today:
1) At Goodwill I found a gym bag in the size and shape I want that does NOT advertise a brand name.
2) As I checked out at Goodwill I said I did not need a bag FOR MY BAG and sort of decided that I want to try to go without getting any more (and I mean zip, zilch, nada) single-use plastic bags, BUT: I really like using them as trash bags in my little trash cans throughout the house. I hate putting trash in a can without a liner. It seems gross to me. Does anybody have a solution for that?
3) I also looked at what I think MIGHT be a dehumidifier, but I have never had/used one before. I couldn't even tell if it has all the parts it should. Does anybody have experience with that and want to go to Goodwill with me and look? I've been running my window AC units often, but I still found mold growing on a coat in the closet.
4) Re: gym bag. One more excuse eliminated. Wednesday when I have a plan to eat out and go out to Nell Weatherwax​'s Storyzilla I could go straight from work to the gym and get ready for the evening afterward. Hard part is that I just really HATE never being home all day. I love my little house/home and I want to be here. << (That is in whining font).
5) I seriously purchased a "fatkini." I hoped to have it complete before the 12th when I went to the Indiana Dunes with a group of friends who would have been supportive. I'm not sure if I am a gutsy enough " Women with Guts​" to wear it to a pool or lake without the protection of a large group.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July

 During the parade I sat on the wall of one of the new planters along Kirkwood Ave. It was a huge bee place and there were tens of bees constantly buzzing and on the flowers. That reminded me that I need to get some bee friendly plants as I am working on perennials....

 The bagpipers had to stop right in front of me and mark time. Most people who know me know how I feel about bagpipes. :/ although honestly, my heart is starting to soften a little bit. Maybe people start to like bagpipes better as they get older because of hearing damage and bad ears...
 Friends Charis and Ross rolling the ReStore truck.
People from UU and especially Christy shakin' her thing.

Facebook post: The problem with coming to the parade alone is that I always cry and it feels stupider....
  • Chris Cluff Webber You cry at parades?
  • Hope E Golightly Yes. I have a lot of inner turmoil and grief about national pride and war and the military and honor and the flag and patriotism and...I just cry a lot when presented with this kind of reminder.