Thursday, January 31, 2008

Waiting for snow...

It hasn't started yet. I hope all the predictions are wrong. I am not a snow fan. Michael is counting on it for a snow day tomorrow as are several of my coworkers. I will go in no matter what. I have an essential task for the production of three newspapers that must be done. If I can't get out of the house they will come get me in the four wheel drive. It has been done before!

I want to go anyway. Last time I had to go in when it was a snow emergency and everybody else got a paid day off, Cory gave me an extra day to use later whenever I wanted! I'd rather have that.

I have a couple of things I have to do still tonight and then try again for the early bedtime. Dr. Karin said I need to give myself at least six weeks to recover from the illness. has it been like what four now? I do think the early bed is helping. I am still exhausted by the end of the day and not keeping the house up at all. I had a goal to get my Christmas/ New Year's/ Epiphany/ Ummm Valentine's? cards out by the end of January, but that didn't happen... maybe Valentine's day is the new goal. First goal for completion is Michael's chalk bag. I hope it happens this weekend. I will report.

Today happy for: I got a $10 Target card with a new prescription and used it to buy a new CD that I have wanted a long time, the newest Jewel CD. I am saving it for tomorrow and will listen to it on my headphones at work and it will be especially pleasant if it really does snow a lot and it will be little interrupted. This is a long overdue weight loss reward and also uberlist goal - I rarely purchase CDs, which is funny, because I do waste money on plenty of other items which are inconsequential.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Went to Dr. Karin,

the chiropractor. She said I was a mess. I believe it. Everywhere she touched hurt, even my toes. Some places she said I was really stuck and she couldn't get to move at all. Yowsa.

Dinner out with Nikki and Gillian to celebrate Gill's birthday. We sat for three hours in the Japanese restaurant. Great times.

I am boiling eggs now to make some deviled eggs. One kind of protein I really like! I started out with an egg and some turkey bacon this morning and didn't have the crazy BS crashes I had problems with yesterday. Tomorrow is a treat day at work so I am going to make sure there is a protein choice! I also hate fried eggs in the morning generally so keeping deviled eggs in stock is one option Gill and I talked about having as a Breakkie choice. Not sure how to spell that, but it's Australian for breakfast! Now that I have a fridge that won't freeze my boiled eggs.... boiled eggs were frequent victims of the bad fridge. I would try to keep them for Michael and they often ended up wasted because once they freeze there is no saving them... Well now the eggs are boiled, but I think I will save the deviling part for the morning. I think my body has been really happy with these early bedtimes I have been doing, even though my housekeeping and project finishing is suffering.

Happy today for: Hummus and grape tomatoes. Oh and my womanly crow bar - I had to pry open the frozen garage door this morning to go to work today!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Went to bed so early last night, slept off the headache a little bit, worked super hard at work today, took Michael to an extra cello lesson, talked to Heather on the phone while he cooked dinner, ate and watched an episode of the Good Life.

Now I must do some dishes and go to bed early again.

Happy for: I didn't run out of gas - when I got to the gas station my 12 gallon tank took 11.98 gallons to fill up!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I decided to make my blog pretty but it made me lose my pictures and my blogs I read list. I will probably have to wait until the weekend to get them back on. Sad. :(

I am having trouble typing because Michael is practicing the Bach with the metronome and Mickey Mouse clock is ticking and somehow the different speeds throw me off! Not like I am a great typist anyway, but somehow that makes it worse.

The headache came back today so it has been a hard day. I am sure tired of this crap. I think I am going to see if I can get an appt. with the chiropractor for Wed.

We did go back to Aldi today and get the groceries. Michael REALLY wanted to go, and believe me it is MUCH easier to go with him to help with the bagging, carrying and all that! I had to go to the bank and get REAL money to take to the store and it made me nervous to carry cash around. I am not used to it.

We just had leftovers from last night's dinner tonight and it was still delicious the second time through. I am not a good leftover eater, but my homemade salisbury steak is yummy....

We have something every night this week, groceries tonight (Michael wanted them so bad he was willing to skip bike project), extra cello lesson tomorrow, Wednesday bike project and dinner for Gillian's birthday, Thursday cello lesson, Friday.... something... Saturday solo/ ensemble contest.... whatever, and I will probably have to be drugged through it all. Resting is not an option because of the pressure at work with the annual report notices.

If I get motivated tonight I am going to make the soup for tomorrow's dinner tonight and I will put in a lot of garlic. Maybe that will cure the headache.

Happy today for: Helpful bankers with my card situation.
Nice appliance installers with my dream come true refrigerator, that will also increase my house value according to everything I see on TV.

I must go put on warm clothes. It is getting warmer outside this week, but it is still freakin' cold in this house.

Editing to add a little. I was really, really feeling bad about myself for not exercising yet after the illness and then I read about somebody dying from pneumonia and it kind of made me realize maybe I really need to consider how serious it was and that as a diabetic I am immuno-compromised in many ways and I need to be a little kinder to myself about it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I know it could be much worse

He could be smoking pot or shooting heroin or killing kittens - oh wait, I wish he WOULD kill the cat.

I took him to Kohl's shopping for an hour and a half and he bought ONE shirt, ONE pair of jeans and ONE pair of pajama pants. Frustrating kid, this boy of mine. And this is when I gave him no limits and told him SHOP! YOU NEED CLOTHES. He was surrounded by hundreds of nice sweaters and shirts and things, all at reasonable prices because of clearance sales - like 80% off.

What is a mom to do?

Happy for: A clean blanket out of the closet when I was cold and it smelled like my favorite fabric softener - so cozy!

my clearance find at Kohl's of cloth napkins and tablecloth that because they are "holiday" merchandise were 80% off so a tablecloth and 8 napkins for $7.99, and they are just white! Also sets of six napkins for $1.99 - sometimes cloth napkins cost more than that for ONE - (of course I never pay that much). We use cloth napkins 90% of the time so they get pretty ratty and it is time for some new ones.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

One more thing

I mentioned Aldi, but those of you in the west may not be familiar with it.

to find out about it. It really is true that many of the items are about half of the price of Kroger (like Smith's).

Amber's Five Questions

What are you thinking about today?
Lots of money thoughts.

What is your favorite (non cereal) breakfast food?
It sounds funny, but probably a can of soup. I have the problem that often nothing sounds good for breakfast, yet I have to eat and take medicine. I can usually handle soup. I also have fallen in love with the blueberry muffins at Wendy's BUT they are pure carbs and too big. Sigh.... so good with coffee.

What is your parenting style?
Well my children are older and Michael is so darn good it is usually pretty easy. When they were little I took a course called "Active Parenting" I think the best things I learned from it were to try to have logical consequences to their actions and to try to use positive speech. Pretend like they never hear the word "DON'T" For example, if you say, "Don't spill the milk." All they hear is "Spill the milk" same for hit your sister, kick the table leg, make a mess.... Instead a parent needs to say. "Hold the milk carefully. It is heavy. Be kind to your sister. Hold your feet still. Pick up the toys when you are finished." I still try to use positive speech... At work last week a manager posted signs everywhere that say, "Don't forget the upsells." And I want to make new ones that say, "Remember the upsells!" When I was in management at the bank I tried to make it a positive environment using these techniques.

What song do you ALWAYS hear on the radio?
It seems like lately I hear that "Lowrider" song too often and I really don't like it. I love my radio station, but that is one song they play that I just can't stand!

If you were voting today who would you vote for?
Probably Senator Obama.

Really disgusted and upset!

I started a headache last night so took the Midrin and went to bed - slept okay, but still awoke with a headache this morning - a bordering on puking migraine, BUT I had class today, the second half the the Project Management class. So I took the Migraine med with the caffeine in it and went to class. My stomach was queasy the whole time. During a break I bought a Sprite to sip and that helped a little bit... so for lunch break I went to Arby's. I thought they had soups and that would be mild on my stomach. They didn't have soup so I got a sandwich.... I had to eat. I used my debit card. When the girl handed me my debit card I put it and the receipt on the tray - BAD MISTAKE. Even as I did it I thought, "that is not what I usually do and it is probably stupid." Yep - I threw the debit card away at Arby's. I didn't realize it until Michael and I went to Aldi and picked out $167 worth of groceries and were checking out. At Aldi you can't write a check, only cash, debit cards or food stamp cards. Michael and I went to Arby's and the manager gave us the trash and gloves and we dug through the trash but never found the card. I am just sick. I cried and cried when we drove back to Aldi. I had to have Michael go back in to tell the cashier she would have to put the order back to stock.

Usually I have no money in my account and if my debit card were lost it would not be a huge deal - it would start getting rejected pretty damn fast. Right now, however ALL my tax money is in there, both the state and federal refunds including my earned income credit and all that - my paying off debt money, and using for getting the house ready to sell money, and buying Michael desperately needed new clothes money, and the 167 dollars worth of groceries desperately needed money. I checked the bank account and no other charges have gone through since Arby's so I hope we just didn't find it, and not somebody else found it and is going to use it. It is going to be inconvenient at best. I am worried about the shopping we were planning to do tomorrow, Michael's clothes shopping and possible refrigerator buying. I guess they will take old fashioned checks, or some places now take the info off the check and go ahead and debit the account electronically. I know Walmart and Old Navy do that. Maybe if we make a large appliance purchase they can verify funds like that.

So we went to Kroger where groceries cost twice as much as at Aldi and bought convenience food for tonight and some other stuff to get us through the weekend - which was thirty dollars. I was starving by then - probably part of the reason I cried so much - when my sugar is low I cry very easily. We came home and ate right away and now I feel a little more calm. Michael is doing laundry and practicing cello. I am working on laundry and going to work on some dishes and try to finish a movie I started, "Living Out Loud."

The Good Life - We watched another episode while we ate - Amber had asked about it. We have it on DVD and I actually was wrong. It's called "Good Neighbors," on the DVD set, even though the original title was The Good Life. It is from the late seventies. It is distributed in US by Warner Brothers. Michael borrowed it from his friend Alexander and it looks like it lasted three seasons.

Happy for: My son playing Bach in his room.
Project Management class is complete.
The bonus of having to go to Kroger was the excuse to buy expensive laundry detergent which I love, instead of the Aldi brand, which I secretly despise.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Power of two

From Katie's blog:
Two names you go by:
2. Hopie
Two things you are wearing right now:
1. Jeans
2. sweater
Two of your favorite things to do
1. read
2. knit hats
Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. A new refrigerator
2. to feel healthy again as in fit and also as in recovered from illness
2 favorite pets you have had/have
1. Pasta
2. Ringo
Two things you did last night:
1. Ate pizza
2. Slept
Two things you ate today
1. a ham sandwich
2. broccoli with cheese
Two people you last talked to:
1. Michael
2. Wendy Davis
Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Class
2. watching a movie, I hope
Two longest car rides:
1. Indiana to Florida
2. Indiana to California if bus counts Indiana to Georgia if bus doesn't count
Two favorite holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Fourth of July
Two Favorite Beverages:
1. Pepsi
2. Lemonade


Home and in for the evening.

I went to Women Inspire and we had two nice speakers - one Gretchen Clearwater who is running for congress. Ann Kreilkamp who is really funky weird astrologer who wrote a book. I was impressed enough to buy her book. Couple of reasons - it is memoirs and I need to read some more to ge some experience for Halfwit, two she was so brutally honest when she spoke that I can't imagine her writing also being anything but so honest and I need to read that. Also she was just hilarious and I can't imagine that her book is not entertaining even though it deals with her grief with her husband's death.

Michael went climbing while I was there.

Tomorrow is class and Michael is on his own - probably bike project and maybe airplanes for Science Olympiad.

Happy today for: Dental floss after eating an orange.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good news, Good news, Good news

Good news: I had a guy come to give me an estimate on foundation repair for my house. For TWO YEARS I have thought I was in desperate straits based on what a woman from one company had told me. This new guy said my sill plate is not rotted at all. All I need is a new patio door. I suspect she had estimated it up big because at the time I had hoped the insurance would pay for the repair. I trusted her completely based on gender and the issue has been torturing me, often keeping me awake at night all this time and worrying me that my desired move out west would never be able to happen because I would never be able to get the house to pass inspections to be able to sell.

Good news: The state tax refund has already arrived and I have already had the landline phone reconnected and paid a couple of way past due bills and am feeling parts of the financial burdend lifting, lifting.

Good news: the tax check arrival coincided with a sale on sewing machines at Target! Guess what I purchased tonight.

I am tired, but a good tired. I definitely earned my keep at work today. Each township has to publish an annual report of all their finances for the prior year and they require a lot of work.

Michael and I are watching a BBC series called "The Good Life" about a suburban couple who tries sustainable living. Michael really wants to watch it because it is supposed to be well researched as well as entertaining. It is funny, so I'm off to watch.

Many, many happies today, but a nice little one is how well a cough drop really can work!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little bit bigger failure

No walking again tonight. I SLEPT instead.

and I am still tired.

I am not even going to write anymore, even though I really have things I want to say.

Happy for: Baked deli chicken.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Little failure

Didn't make it to the Y tonight. I probably felt well enough physically, but I got lazy, I admit it. Tomorrow is Y for sure, because Michael will go to bike project and I WILL GO.

I made a good dinner; sloppy Joe, sweet potato fries, salad. I have learned to make sweet potato fries from scratch and they are SO GOOD. Michael and I both love them and I use very little canola oil, and the glycemic index on sweet potatoes is much better than white potatoes.

I worked hard today at work, except the last hour I lost my work ethic.

Happy for: Yellow baby carnations, sweet potato fries, the big taste of chocolate in a little Hershey's kiss.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Turn around

I really feel like yesterday was my turn around day. I had the perfect amount of rest and I really felt like I felt mostly back to normal today. I had a cough, but often it was a tickle in the throat cough and not a coughing up pus and phlegm cough (too much detail I know). I thought I'd even go walk a slow mile tonight if Michael went to bike project, but he ended up having too much undone homework and I couldn't brave the cold for the sake of exercise alone. It is probably a good thing because by the time I relocated the kitchen table (with Michael's help) swept, lifted the garage door, moved in the car, closed the garage door and came back in I felt out of breath and exhausted.

Tomorrow I will try to do some " official" exercise and see how it goes. Time to get my metabolism revved up again and start working on those twenty pounds without it being because of debilitating illness and overmedication!

Happy today for: a trip to Dollar General to replenish some supplies, a Buy one get one free coupon that enabled me to share lunch with a co-worker who often brings me lunch on Fridays when my ability to take a lunch is sometimes dubious, that Michael scraped the car windows for me this morning because I hadn't parked in the garage.

Warning - never send your hippie kid to the store for a can of beans for chili. You end up with organic black beans instead of red chili beans.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Before Michael gets home

So I don't have to come sit in front of the computer while he is here, after not seeing him for a couple of days.

Today was a good mix of resting/ productive. I slept VERY late, then intermittently watched episodes of "Lost" and did housework 12 minutes at a time. That was my compromise between my usual ten minute minimum and my fifteen minute the-house-is-really-messy-and-I-am-trying-to-catch-up timing. I have felt much better - a little headache and the occasional coughing fit, but I took regular OTC medicine for the headache and just let the coughing happen because it is getting crap out of my lungs. So now ALL the dishes are dishes are washed, the counter is cleaned, the table is almost done with the exception of sorting the mail, and my laundry is almost caught up. I also have felt like knitting while I watch TV. While I was sick, after I read that first book, I could not even handle knitting or reading or anything. I was too ill to even think about it. Those were the times I thought I would have been a lot better off if she had admitted me to the hospital because I KNEW I was in dire straits when I didn't even feel guilty about not having busy hands!

Happy today for: feeling more normal AND a nice little pot of chili for lunch.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blog for tonight

I survived class. It was not as bad as I feared.

I went to lunch with a classmate. We had spoken before but only about class and professional stuff. T lunch today I realized who she is dating and proceeded tactlessly to tell her why I had fired him as the childrens' pediatrician several years ago. I hope she forgets that part of the conversation and we can go on from there.

Came home and rested and picked up Renee's rainbow bath salts and headed over to her place. It was very relaxing. She decided for her birthday this year she would give us all pedicures and serve US. So she had a few foot tubs going with people in various stages of soaking, wine and other refreshing beverages, cheese trays and hor de'vores, some sweets etc. I took a little knitty project to work on. We all had nice conversation, laughter, good food and fun.
People sort of came and went through the evening and it was time for me to decide to stay and watch movie and probably fall asleep and stay over or come home and Blog 365 pulled me here! Plus a little desire to wake up in my own bed and feel like if I have a burst of morning energy I will use it toward my own neglected home.

So Happy today was in a class turned out well, and a group of friends with a relaxing party, including roasted brussel sprouts that were good, that I hadn't tried since a child.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Maybe I am up to some of my old tricks, but they are wearing me out. I went to work all day, but kind of hit that wall about 3:00 again. I made it through the day anyway, fetched Michael from school, came home and rested a little bit while he got packed to go to his dad's, took him to dinner (no way I was cooking), drove him to his dad's, walked my sleepiness off in Big Lots, drove back home, made Renee's birthday present, now I am blogging, but then I am going to bed!

I have a class tomorrow from 9 - 4:00. I am nervous about it. the other classes have been easy and fun. This one is "Managing Projects in the Life Sciences Industry" I think I am intimidated because it is all day, it is an actual management class, and it just sounds more focused than the previous classes which were introductory/ overview and communication. This is taught by someone from Eli Lilly.

Also I have to get up and be ready early enough to go to the post office before class. Also I need to finish some laundry tonight. Also I feel overwhelmed by my still-messy-from-being-sick-for-so-long house. Sigh.....

Happy today for:
Susan brought me lovely French onion soup and a baguette for lunch.
Able to make Renee some rainbow bath salts for her birthday and she LOVES rainbow-themed stuff.

Good night.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


how yesterday I was happy that we are still doing cello lessons? well I forgot that today was cello day and I was SO TIRED today at work I could hardly function after about 3:00. I said I am going to go home and go to bed. When I walked in Michael said, "don't I have a cello lesson tonight?" because I had parked in the garage instead of leaving the car out. I was so weak and tired it had taken me three tries to even lift the garage door. I could have cried. It was horrible. So I drove him to cello and slept on Shelley's couch during the entire lesson. On the way home we stopped at the store and I stayed in the car while Michael ran in and bought Kitty some food and some chicken from the deli for me. Now I have eaten and I am going to go lie in my bed and watch TV and try to stay up late enough to watch er, but I don't know if that will even happen.

Happy for: my job has enough flexibility that I went in late today when I didn't feel well.
Got my W2s and other tax forms and taxes are completed and I will be getting a refund and able to pay off some small bills and get Michael some badly needed clothes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy for

Keeping cello lessons in the tight, tight budget.

Hearing my son in the orchestra playing the William Tell Overture.

But I have been sitting down way too long today and must go elevate my swollen, tingly footsies, so off to watch some "Lost." So sorry.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy for

Deanna taking me to a nice dinner and visiting me overnight while she is in town!

We finally exchanged Christmas gifts and we're getting ready to have a lovely bedtime snack.

So goodnight!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Really tired

Work tuckered me out!

Happy for: the new bridge on Rogers street so I can drive straight into town without going out onto Walnut and traffic and stuff when I just feel calm and tired and like taking my time.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finally got to the store

and got my meds filled.

I had to go without one med for one day that I'm supposed to take daily, but I am pretty sure I'll survive.

The trip was exhausting. BUT.... drumroll please.....I came home and cooked a real live dinner! I had a little piece of meat I bought last week and it has been sitting in the fridge. I was afraid it had gone bad, but it seemed okay. My fridge is defective so it actually freezes many things I don't want frozen so the meat was probably on the cusp of frozen all week. So I threw it in the oven on a slow roast for a couple of hours and told Michael if he washed and cut potatoes I' d make mashed potatoes and he did. So we had a nice dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy and those little skinny frozen green beans. Now the dishes are still all dirty and I'm too exhausted to do them, but that's another matter for another time.

I told Michael it's probably the last meal he can expect cooked for him this week because I bet going to work is going to wear me out like crazy. Plus he has a concert and other stuff this week. I am not sure I can handle it all! I did stay awake all day today which may be a first since the onset - well - I think there was one other day.

I also drank an herbal tonic of some sort Shelley the cello teacher gave me, maybe that helped. red Xing Nia or something like that. She distributes Young Life Essentials, which has to be some Mormon multi-level marketing because it comes from Lehi, Utah! She's not Mormon, but she has mentioned that she has friends who are Ex.

So now I need to take my night-time meds, brush my teeth, and get my body in bed. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I am dreading walking up the stairs when I get to work. Sometimes it's hard on just a normal bad day, now after THIS... well we'll see.

Editing to add: happiness for today was pretty much all of the above, but if I have to pick ONE thing, I'd say that the meat was still good so I didn't waste money and was able to make a dinner so easily.

More editing to add: I looked at the Young Living website and yes, it is multi-level marketing. Here's what I took:
NingXia Red®: Whole Ningxia wolfberry (lyceum barbarum) puree, Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) juice, Pomegranate (Punica granatum) juice, Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) juice, Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) juice, Organic blue agave (A. tequilana) nectar, Grape (Vitis vinifera) seed, skin, and stem, Lemon (Citrus limon)† rind, Orange (Citrus sinensis)† rind, ascrobic acid, natural blueberry flavor, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.

So definitely an anti-oxidant boost if anything!


Copy of an email sent to family:

I guess her lungs are doing
better and her breathing
is better.

Her kidney function is way down
surprise, surprise in
our family!) and they are moving
her to another floor
to do specialized tests
and find out what is causing
the kidney problems.

My plan for now is to
stay here in Bloomington. I am
supposed to return to
work tomorrow after
my entire
week off for sick.
I will probably try to take
Thursday off and either go
see her if she is still in
hospital or go help out
in the house if she has gone
home - as long as I
am feeling stronger from my

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Doing better

Feeling very weak and having secondary complications to having digestive systems messed up by the antibiotics that are annoying and painful.

I haven't heard any updates on Mom. Heather said she was going to go up after work, which ended at 4:00 and I figured she'd call me. I guess I am deciding no news is good news.

Just ate a yogurt - getting those intestinal (and ahem, other) flora back on track. But now I'm ready for some mmmmm tomato juice.

Happiness. Some clean dishes and Michael cooked some food for dinner that I ate and has stayed in the right place, so far!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mom in hospital

Emily called me first and said Mom had had pneumonia, but they thought this was blood clots in her lungs. Then Heather called and said they were doing tests and should know by 6:00. A little after 7:00 Heather called back and said she had talked to Mom who said the dr. had not come back to see her yet so it must not be too serious and that she was mad at the nurses for not being able to find a vein right. Heather said she sounded "feisty" so she must be okay.

I'm tired, but have eaten more today. I wish I could eat more, yet not gain back the weight! As weak as I am, I know it will be a while before I am ready to do more than walk just little tiny bits at a time. I still have to rest after getting a drink of water!

Michael did about half the dishes tonight. I told him he had to before he went to the climbing gym. Tomorrow he will have to finish them before he goes to bike project. He has probably loved that I have been too sick to interfere in his life this week! He is transportationally independent with his bike. He doesn't care that it is only 35 degrees, as long as it is not pouring rain. He has asked me to pick him up twice and lucky he hit both times when I was at the misery part of the cycle of the narcotics doses, not the unconscious and shouldn't drive part.

Shelley wants him to have a cello lesson tomorrow because I cancelled last night. I need to go to Target and get meds anyway, on her side of town so we will probably do it.

Today's happiness. Microwave, for WARM tomato juice. Mmmmmm.......

Motion to Dismiss

the Credit Card Case has been dismissed - they accepted the proposal from the Debt Management Program. (I hadn't mentioned it because I am kind of embarrassed)

It's funny I was looking in the phone book for the phone number to call the attorney and say I am too sick to go to court you'll just have to get a judgment against me and I recognized the address from a piece of mail that I hadn't opened yesterday, then went and got the mail for apleasant surprise. Yay. One problem solved.

Now if only I could dismiss this illness. I know Monday is three days away, but I don't know how I will be ready to go back to work by then. I think something like I will go out and do a few dishes, but by the time I go get a drink of ginger ale or a new glass of water I have to sit down and rest. The dishes have expanded from the sink to both counters and now to the table. Michael is not a good dishwasher. I am not sure he gets how sick I am. I commented that he had voluntarily used a paper plate - he hates using disposable stuff because he is Mr. Environment - and said, maybe it's different when you are the one doing the dishes and he replied that he thought he was being considerate of me... well haha! Does he not realize that when he is not in school and not having after school activities he is going to be the one catching up these dishes?

I need to get regular meds refilled at Target and I knew it the other day, but I didn't get it done because I was sure I'd be so much better by today. I guess today is the last day's worth I have - I can drive over there tomorrow and have Michael go in and do it. It's not like I have money to do any other shopping anyway.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can't get the other to work.

I am not much better.

Michael went to the store and got yogurt so I hope it will counteract the antibiotics.

I have lost seven pounds since Saturday.

I felt like I was going to pass out by the end of my shower this morning.

Susan brought Season One of "Lost" and I have watched four episodes already.

Happiness is: DVDs and Lost and Deli chicken I was able to eat most of a breast.

Well, a little better, maybe

Deleted original text which was a copy and paste of an email to Gillian which didn't work right.  It basically said I am not much better. Michael went to the store and got some yogurt so we will see if it can counteract the antibiotics.  I have lost seven pounds since Saturday and I can't keep my sugar right because I can't eat so my general misery is worse.

Happiness today is "Lost" on DVD and deli chicken. I was able to eat most of a breast.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Turned a corner?

I have slept all I can today and hardly eaten. I am supposed to eat when I take the antibiotics and I had some canned mandarin oranges, but couldn't even finish them. Then just a few minutes ago I thought maybe I could get up and eat a little something and it sounds good.

I bought frozen dinners last week at the grocery thinking I should have some for when it is too cold and miserable to leave work and I have one heating up. We'll see how it goes when I am actually faced with it.

Happiness - Michael did some dishes, even though not very many, every little bit helps.


I couldn't even stand applesauce this morning.

The prescription cough syrup is amazing. I can see how people can become junkies. I take it. It starts to work in about half an hour. I sleep for about an hour and an half or two hours, then it basically stops working and I start watching the clock waiting until the four hour mark so I can take the next dose! I have tried to stretch it out to five to make myself feel less dependent!

Eminem had pneumonia and he got to to to the hospital. I probably could have used it last night. I could hardly get out of bed and walk the ten or fifteen steps to pee and go get the cough syrup from the dining room. I just kept imagining some nice nurse coming in to give me the next dose and it made me more weak and more sad. I'm glad I didn't start crying or I would never have been able to function.

There are so many dirty dishes and I am too sick to even think about washing them. I feel like I am going to puke even just sitting here. I think the antibiotic is so strong that it is really getting my stomach.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yay for narcotics.

I just got about an hour and a half of pretty good quality sleep.

Today's happiness is definitely modern medicine, and Renee willing to go pick it up for me. I swear I would not have made it to the pharmacy in Target. I am so sick it hurts to roll over in bed! The only reason I play on the computer is because I breathe better when I sit up! I wish we had comfortable furniture, like a recliner I could sleep in and be more upright.

I haven't eaten enough today and I need to eat some more, but it is so hard. Can you believe I am saying that?

Survey says...

It is pneumonia.

Just came back from the dr.

I am sure using up the $1200 deductible quickly this year to the tune of chest x-rays, brand-name antibiotics, a shot in the butt, and the special sugar-free cough syrup. Yippee.

I am so exhausted from going to the dr. Iam going to call Renee and see if she can go get my medicine for me.

Still so sick

Having trouble breathing when I lay down. I cough so much I can't get to sleep tonight so I succumbed to the evil lure of the computer and "Designed to Sell." I hope the additional medicine kicks in by the time the show is over.

I did start running a little fever tonight - just a little. If I am still this bad tomorrow I am going to the dr. I have even been like a normal person and RESTED while sick, I swear it. I don't think I have been this sick for years - like about three years ago when Renee had to come take care of me.

Monday, January 7, 2008


My comforter for when I was all cold and miserable this afternoon.
Convenience foods so I was able to cook a simple dinner and eat with Michael, despite being still pretty miserable.

Slept a couple of hours

until a coughing fit woke me up.

Yuck. I was all huddled in my comforter with my heater running the entire time. I still feel like I could go snuggle up some more, but I need to be upright until I get some good breathing in. I think I need to start vaporizing the house.

2008 Uberlist

I might as well be productive. I need to sit up for a while so I can breathe better!

1) Participate in intentional physical activity at least three times each week. - Log this more carefully in calendar the way I used to.
2) Drink at least three glasses of water daily.
3) Eat at least three servings of vegetables daily
4) Lose 20 pounds - Time limit this year - by August 1.
5) No soda at home.
6) Use lotion more regularly.
7) Stretch at my desk at least twice daily.
8) Use my dumbbells or stretch when I watch television or movies - at least twenty reps.
9) Test my fasting sugar at least three times per week and LOG IT!
10) Read one motivational health-related book.
11) Wear the foot gel footies at least twice a week.
12) Log my foods at least twice a month on Fit Day or in journal
13) See Dr. Weiler and get a Pap smear and stuff.
14) Get a massage
15) Get a pedicure
16) Get a manicure
17) Participate in the wellness programs through work insurance.

18) Reorganize the shelf above the washer so it is easier to get to the medicine box.
19) Prune the mulberry tree
20) Get rid of one stump in yard
21) Get rid of twenty books I will never read again
22) Get a window covering for kitchen window or design something artistic for the space.
23) Clean out the coat closet.
24) Mount spoon “handles” on cabinets.
25) Clean out the car extremely well at least once
26) Clean the carpet in purple room
27) Clean the carpet in my room
28) Clean my bedroom closet
29) Add more topsoil to the garden
30) Label garage shelves and organize
31) Get the garage door opener repaired or replaced
32) Research how to grow a grape arbor
33) Start grapevines if financially able
34) Replace my bathroom flooring
35) Get a new sink in my bathroom
36) Get the gutters cleaned out
37) Dig out the concrete in the side yard
38) Make a stepping stone path to the backyard
39) Paint the front door
40) Touch up wall paint in living room or repaint
41) Get the oil changed in the car by January 31, then every 6000 miles.
42) Clean out jewelry box, get rid of unused items.
43) Organize craft supplies - get rid of excess
44) Get an earring hanger
45) Get an estimate on the foundation repair.
46) Sort out the unopened mail until the baskets are completely EMPTY.
47) File all the stuff in the tubs under the bed
48) Get pocket protectors for Michael's awards and certificates

49) Read at least thirty-five books
50) Three of those should be books from Emily’s list of “Must reads” (Use Stephen King's list in "On Writing" if I can't find Emily's.)
51) Three of those should be non-fiction or “educational”
52) Finish the series of Management in the Life Sciences Industry through IU continuing studies.
53) Finish the first draft of “The Stone Cold Heart”
54) Write a letter to Todd to see if he wants Holt Family notebooks.
55) Knit at least ten hats (or other items) to give away
56) Get a new pennywhistle
57) Watch two movies off the “must see” list.
58) Go to a concert, even if I have to pay for tickets
59) Buy a new CD
60) Sew something nice for someone
61) Make a bag or purse
62) Visit at least one Frank Lloyd Wright building and tour it (Taliesin or in Chicago)
63) Attend at least one play at BPP or IU Theatre
64) Make another valiant attempt to learn to crochet. Try a personalized lesson, maybe.
65) Attend one IU Auditorium Show
66) Attend at least one of the "One Book" Discussion groups or try another book club
67) Figure out how to use the old sewing machine or get a new sewing machine.
68) Start saving for a digital camera to start cataloging craft and sewing projects for website.

69) Write five letters
70) Go on a trip all by myself for at least two days
71) Pay Women Inspire dues when due
72) Serve on committees for Music Fest and Fund raiser
73) See two online friends in real life
74) Meet parents of at least one of Michael's friends
75) Take a girl trip with somebody somewhere
76) Take a trip to Jungle Jim's
77) Volunteer at two more orchestra events
78) Write Joyce Scott a letter
79) Take a special trip for spring break.
80) Go swimming at least three times
81) Go camping
82) Go canoeing
83) Fly a kite
84) Go to the zoo
85) Make sure to talk to Mom and Dad at least once a month
86) Send Christmas cards or a letter for 2007
87) Send Christmas cards or letter for 2008 actually before the end of the year!
88) See as many fireworks as possible
89) Try two new venues for karaoke
90) Re-dedicate to Community Kitchen for Thanksgiving this year
91) Volunteer at one "one-time" event such as a run, etc...
92) Go to Mom and Dad's and work on house at least four times.

93) Cook with Michael more often
94) Write Emily a real letter while she is at school
95) Enforce Michael and the "recycling box" process.
96) Support Michael in his efforts to train for solar bike by supplying equipment as able.

97) Complete my taxes by February 15th
98) Pay all medical bills that are in collection
99) Pay back Debbie Shipley completely
100) Pay Dewey at least a little each month.
101) Keep checkbook balanced
102) Present three new revenue producing or creative ideas at work

103) Make fondue again
104) Go to the Farmer’s Market at least three times
105) Make ice cream
106) Try two new vegetarian main dish recipes

107) Get two rolls of film developed
108) Attend UU at least two more times - one should be a Sunday!

Still sick

Up since before the alarm went off when on a usual workday I can't drag my ass out of bed! Up coughing and tossing and turning all night despite taking narcotics and cough syrup. Now I'm back in the purple room, formerly known as Emily's room, with a heater running even though it's the warmest January 6th in one hundred years! It is supposed to get up to 65 degrees today and I am too ill to enjoy it! It has gone from last week when I had to forbid Michael to ride his bike because the wind chill was fifteen below to sixty-one degrees this morning. I finally let him ride his bike on Thursday when it got up to twenty and he rode THE LONG WAY - I don't know how many miles, but a lot - almost out to Lake Monroe, and that means the OTHER side of the lake, not our side.

I would actually walk outside today if I were healthy - fifty is about my tolerance for outside walking. I still feel today like walking to the kitchen to get my half a bagel was taxing. I took some medicine already. I hope it kicks in soon. My head is throbbing, my throat hurts, all my muscles ache from coughing..... I even feel like my muscles hurt from lying down too much. My body is not used to me NOT doing anything like this!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stayed awake all day

of course that could be due to all the caffeinated medicine and Sudafed (even though Sudafed usually knocks me out). I made myself eat little bits alternating between carbs and proteins and drink at least one glass of water each episode of Firefly. I haven't checked my sugar with the monitor at all today, but I have felt like it's been pretty stable. I should check it...okay I did and it's 145 and I think the last time I ate was about 5:00 and my two hour goal is 140 or under so not too bad. My blood did seem really dark and thick so maybe I am a little dehydrated despite trying to drink a lot and that can make it higher too.

I TOOK A BATH. I only do that about twice a year even though I love it. Being this ill sucks, but it is the only time I am able to relax and really not do anything. I tell you what though. I will be tempted to call in sick to work tomorrow even if I feel better so I can get done all the stuff I didn't get done when I really was this sick. Although it would look funny if I call in sick tomorrow and then take in homebaked treats on Tuesday because that is one of the things I was planning to do today!

And poor kitty. She's lucky it is warm out today. I felt so sick I couldn't stand to have her touch me so I threw her out first thing this morning and just now felt like it is possible that she could come in again.

Happiness today was total relaxation in a warm tub with a grisly Stephen King novel.


I breathe better when I sit up, but I'm so tired I feel better in general lying down. I took my temp and it's completely normal, so I don't think I have pneumonia, just a miserable cold.

Still totally sick

I don't even feel like eating today so you know I'm really bad off. I choked down some toast and chicken boullion. I'm going to take some medicine and watch a lot more Firefly.

I'm not even making a stinking list for today. There's the final indicator.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Slept three hours

(and that was even though the migraine stuff I took was the kind with caffeine!) then went to the dump and then to Aldi. I really needed kitty litter and it is SO much cheaper there. It wore me out all over again, though.

So I have accomplished some things today, even though I still feel like crap. I have also washed the dishes, put the groceries away and watched the rest of the first episode of Firefly. I think I am liking it better this time. It's kind of like a space western.

I am going to try to keep taking it easy and not go exercise tonight and NOT carry heavy stuff out to the garage and things like that. I am actually feeling so weak I probably couldn't. I had trouble breaking down the cardboard boxes from the store to put in the recycling I felt so bad.

So here are my small happinesses:
that I was able to do some stuff today
and my great sandwich for dinner: Roast beef, cream cheese, onion, tomato on whole wheat. YUM.
My book find at Opportunity House.

Yes, sick.

Went to the bank drive through and Opportunity House Thrift Shop and it about killed me. I am going to lie down and watch some of Firefly and rest.

I did get a paperback of John Updike stories for forty cents. I used to read a lot of his stuff and I haven't read these so that is good.

It's just not fair

that I keep getting headaches on weekends.

I have so much I want to do. I actually feel like I am getting sick too. I cough and it HURTS in my chest. A lot of what I want to do today is really physical, too. Take the rest of the Christmas stuff out to the garage and rearrange stuff so it fits better and some of it is heavy. Bring in that sewing machine, take trash to the dump, take stuff to the trading post. I need to go to the bank, and wanted to go to some thrift stores and browse. I also want to go walk a couple miles. It's hard because part of what I want to learn is to honor my body when it doesn't feel well, but I always feel like I am just making excuses for not being active. It is difficult for me to know where the line is where to say today is the day to just take some meds and try to keep functioning or today is the day to stay in bed and watch movies. I think these are the times I could use a household partner because maybe the drive to do the household tasks could be overcome if I knew that at least the essentials, like going to the dump could still be accomplished even if I decide I am ill enough to take a day off. I took some migraine so maybe I will try to rest for a little while and see how I feel if it kicks in and then decide my activity level. Sigh....

Wish List for today:

Dump/Trading Post
Christmas stuff to garage and organized
Regular household cleaning and tasks
Thrift store rounds
sewing machine in
votive cups in new candle holder cleaned out

Milder less physical list for today:
Work on Christmas cards
Dishes only
Knit or work on Miko's apron.

Friday, January 4, 2008

300+ miles

Up to Emily's apartment, out to lunch, over to Mom and Dad's, back to Emily's, over to Michael's Dad's, back to Bloomington to orchestra fund raiser, back home. Phew!

We went to Mom and Dad's to pick up a sewing machine so I could bring it home and see if I can use it.

Two things: I stood in the middle - well, kind of the middle - I couldn't really GET in the middle - of my dad's room and just bawled. I don't know how they can live like they do. The houses on "Clean Sweep" are NOTHING compared to how crowded, messy and dangerous my parent's house is. I have gone before and cleaned and taken stuff away and it just doesn't help. I always try to work in the kitchen because it is so awful. There is always rotten food and stuff. They have like fifty pots and pans and twenty place settings of dishes and two drawers full of silverware and more. But once when I went through and took out a bunch of worn out pots and pans, they went out and bought more! They have a closet full of maybe 30 bath towels.... I don't know where it comes from, maybe the depression or maybe the poverty when we were young. But it is just so awful. I don't think there is anything I can do to help and that is what made me cry. I stood there and I said, "I know I can't fix the world, but I can't even fix THIS ROOM."

Other thing: The sewing machine looks really scary. It's kind of cool, but it is from 1969 - the manufacture date is written on it. It is electric, but it still has a rubber belt on the end with a wheel and stuff. It is so heavy it is like it is made of solid steel. It was even hard for Michael to carry. Of course it was made much more difficult because he had to lift it high enough to get it over all the crap that is all over the floor and lines every wall and hallway in the house. Now he's at his dad's and I don't know how in the heck I will get it in from the car. I may have to ask the neighbor boy to help me. I really want to get it in this weekend so I can see if I can figure out how to work it. I guess even if I can't it is one thing I got out of Mom and Dad's house. It is in a cabinet and the cabinet is actually quite a lovely little piece of furniture.

Orchestra fund raiser - "Hot Jazz on a cool night." I thought I was going to work for the entire three hours. I don't like jazz, even though I know that means I am a heathen. Turns out I only worked about an hour and a half so I only had to listen to one set, which was at least guitar and vocal jazz. The jazz I really hate is when it is a band or ensemble and they take turns and improvise FOREVER and it just goes on and on and on...

I saw quite a few hawks as we drove a long the highway today.

Little happy thing: I liked hearing "Walk This Way" on the radio. I think it was kind of creepy hearing him sing about high school girls when he was in his twenties - it's even creepier now when you think that Steven Tyler is somebody's grandfather! But it's still a good song!

Another random weird thing that makes me happy. When we go on 465 it goes right under a landing path for the airport. I get a HUGE thrill when we go right under a big jet when it is landing. It didn't quite happen today, one was coming, but we were too far away and it beat us, but it made me remember how it is one of those strange things I love.

I am probably going to work on my uberlist this weekend. I also want to read a lot, exercise and bake. I have a box started of stuff to take to the trading Post at the the dump. I am feeling ready for a purge and Michael added some from his room too. I am probably more inspired after spending even just a few minutes at my parent's house.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Finished all my end of the month stuff and felt great about it. Cleaned off my desk and got ready to take a day off tomorrow.

I am going to take Emily back to school, go out to lunch with my children, stop and visit parents and I hope to borrow a sewing machine and hope it works, and then take Michael to his dad's. After that I will return to Bloomington and work at the orchestra fundraiser "Hot Jazz on a Cool night."

Michael had cello tonight and he sounded great. I knitted about a third of a hat during the lesson.

Cory brought me the John Deere patch today. It turns out they don't legally sell patches because they are afraid people will put them on items that don't match the quality they want to reflect their product. Of course, they haven't seen my knitwear!

I gave Christie the hat I knitted on New Year's Eve so her little girl Maranna could have it. I kind of wish I would have taken a picture of it first. It was a good one. Maybe Christie can take a picture of her in it for me. She has a digital camera.

A new er is on tonight so I am motivated to go work on the house so I will feel settled when I watch it.

Today's happiness: Giving Christie the hat, and what a good friend she is for another undisclosed reasons. I am so lucky/blessed/fortunate pick your favorite term for the wonderful, loving people in my life.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Happy

I went to the new Nurse Practitioner again this morning. I like her SO MUCH. In two years Dr. La Follette never once had me take my shoes off and check my feet. When I told him I was worried about them he laughed and said, " oh you aren't far enough along and your sugar is never high enough to worry about neuropathy." She asked me about my feet today and had me take my shoes off and poked every toe checking for feeling. BP was 118/72, like a normal person.

Michael and I went to Family Church at UU tonight which was Kwanzaa dinner. I was careful because last year after all that soul food was the only time EVER my BS has tested over 300. Tonight I had very careful portions and tested and it was 172 - still over my post-prandial goal, but not outrageous at all. When I walked in I spotted right away a woman who is also post-Mormon. We went and sat with her and it was really nice. She said she attends pretty regularly on Sundays. I never seem to make the Sundays, but make the Wednesday dinners once or twice a year which include special things for the children which educate about other religions or cultures or something. My friend, Cindy, is Director of Education and she always does a good job with it. I might try a little harder to hit a Sunday with Kathy, the other post Mormonism woman there.

I took down most of the Christmas decor tonight. I usually leave it up a little longer, but I got a big candleholder from freecycle and I am anxious to set it up! I love the Christmas decorations a lot, but for some reason they were also feeling kind of cluttery to me this year. It must be time for me to do a good purge and get rid of some more stuff.

Today's small happinesses.
My new health care provider.
That Renee was thoughtful enough to call and make sure I knew tonight was the Kwanzaa dinner.
That for part of the Kwanzaa dinner when we were supposed to name an ancestor whom we honor, Michael said, "My Uncle Bobby, just because he was awesome."

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Uberlist Final Assessment

1) Participate in intentional physical activity at least three times each week.
I had good weeks and bad weeks at this. I will call it half accomplished!
2) Drink at least two glasses of water daily.
Doing well, MUCH better now after (mostly) giving up soda.
3) Eat at least three servings of vegetables daily
Doing well – I haven’t been as good at this lately, maybe reading this list will remind me. I did better when I kept little cans of tomato juice at work. My recent tomato juice cravings have really helped!
4) Lose 20 pounds
Lost about five this year- but at least I am trending down and didn't gain any!
5) Get a mammogram
Did it!
6) Get Zuki her shots this year
Zuki died. (Not because I didn’t get her her shots!)
7) Get Flop his shots too.
Suzanne did it.
8) Get Pasta spayed and vaccinated
Gave her away instead to someone who promised to get her spayed and everything.
9) Get a flu shot next fall.
Did it!
10) Graph blood glucose at least one week per month.
Haven’t done. I really should, but I think my numbers are getting better when I test.
11) Read the books the Nurse Practitioner recommended.
12) Log my foods at least once a week on Fit Day or in journal
Have done about twice all year. I need to have a renewed energy toward this.
13) Get my annual exam within one month of one year anniversary.
Too poor.
14) Get a massage
I did it! It was great and I had her work on my feet a lot and I think it really helped them feel better.
15) Get a pedicure OR see if I need to see the podiatrist
I saw the podiatrist. He recommended certain brands and models of shoes to help my pain. I can’t afford the ones he told me to get. I did get a pair of one of the brands (Avia) on clearance a couple of weeks ago. I have been wearing them most of the time and I do believe they have helped the pain.
16) Get medical ID repaired and update medicine card.
Got medical ID bracelet repaired and have been wearing it steadily since - lower numbers have made me a little wonky sometimes, so made it a priority!

17) Finish this list by January 31st.
18) Prune the mulberry tree
19) Get rid of one stump in yard
20) Get rid of twenty books I will never read again
I am sure I have done this. I will so some more soon!
21) Get a window covering for kitchen window
22) Clean the kitchen cabinets
23) Mount spoon “handles” on cabinets
24) Clean out the car extremely well at least once
Still haven’t done it.
25) Clean the carpet in Emily’s room
26) Clean the carpet in my room
27) Clean my bedroom closet
I did this and got rid of a bunch of clothes that I no longer wear.
28) Add more topsoil to the garden
29) Label garage shelves and organize
30) Get the garage door opener repaired or replaced
Too poor.
31) Research how to grow a grape arbor
32) Start grapevines if financially able
33) Caulk by my bathtub
34) Paint Michael’s room
YES! His room his painted. It looks really, really good!
35) Get the gutters cleaned out
Nope – it needs done really badly.
36) Get Michael's bed built
YES! Gill and I did it for girlfriend project day. Got the new comforter. Now if only he would make his bed!
37) Make a stepping stone path to the backyard
Nope – I am going to keep watching Freecycle for parts for this.
38) Paint the front door
Still picking color and wondering if you can use the latex paint on the metal door.
39) Touch up wall paint in living room
40) Get the oil changed in the car by January 31, then every 6000 miles.
I got the oil changed! It’s almost due again, but I felt so happy to do it..
41) Get rid of at least two more major items through Freecycle/ giving away.
I have done EVEN MORE – now I have also disposed of an old bookcase, also gave extra bed to Chris for Miko.
42) Finish getting the stuff out of Emily's closet
Sort of – it’s functional enough that she was able to live here this summer.
I am reorganizing this closet to hold my craft items so they will more accessible. Emily has signed a year ‘round lease on an apartment, so it’s MY closet now!
43) Read at least thirty books
Twenty-nine - can you believe it? And then finished one today!
44) Five of those should be books from Emily’s list of “Must reads” (Use Stephen King's list in "On Writing" if I can't find Emily's.)
Don't think I even looked for the list. I got really into lighter reading in my fiction this year.
45) A couple of those should be non-fiction or “educational”
“’Tis” was non-fiction, “Boys of My Youth,” and “Martha’s Rules” Also "How to Ruin Your Life."
46) Take a class in something, anything!
My life sciences class at Ivy Tech in the Spring, and just last week started a series of Management in the Life Sciences Industry through IU continuing studies.
47) Finish the first draft of “The Stone Cold Heart”
48) Contact Todd to see if he wants Holt Family notebooks.
Still no reply – I will try a written letter next, I guess.
49) Knit at least ten hats (or other items) to give away
50) Get a new pennywhistle
51) Watch ten movies off the “must see” list.
Annie Hall. One tenth done.
52) Go to a concert, even if I have to pay for tickets
Well I went to an amazing IU Philharmonic Concert, but I was really talking about a rock concert when I wrote this. They have become so expensive!
53) Buy a new CD
54) Sew something nice for someone
Nope – actually I have finished a scarf for Deb (embroidered, not sewn). I need to press it and get it in the mail and I will count that. Plus, sewed 20 sashes for the orchestra. That definitely counts.
55) Dye the pillowcases.
Done! I love the way they turned out. I took a picture I should get developed and post soon.
56) Visit at least one Frank Lloyd Wright building and tour it (Taliesin or in Chicago)
Too poor, so far.
57) Write in Live Journal at least once a month
Oh yeah.
58) Attend at least one play at BPP or IU Theatre
Went to Romeo and Juliet by Blgtn Civic Theater.
59) Make the shower curtain.
60) Make another valiant attempt to learn to crochet. Try a personalized lesson, maybe.
61) Attend one IU Auditorium Show
Renee took me to “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”
62) Attend at least one of the "One Book" Discussion groups
Nope – I missed out on this. I am a loser.
63) Start a file with the ideas for "Naked Lips"

64) Write five letters
Wrote one to Diane last week!One ffifth accomplished.
65) Go on a trip all by myself for at least two days
Not yet.
66) Attend at least two more "Women Inspire" meetings
Yes, and joined group and also read at a meeting. I am going to submit my bio to Loni for the website today.
67) Go out with Eric at least once to see if a friendship is feasible or desireable
Not yet. I am going to try again this summer, maybe the Farmer’s Market thing he suggested in the fall. Have seen each other coincidentally a couple of times and think friendship is good, but that will be all.
68) See two online friends in real life
69) Meet parents of at least one of Michael's friends
Yep with the Bertaloni-Melis
70) Take a girl trip with somebody somewhere
Done - Heather and I went to Spring Mill.
71) Go to the Civil War thing in Hartford City
Nope – was invited to “Woodhouse Stock” party the same weekend and Michael and I decided it will be more fun.
72) Talk to Hairy David about dance callers for reenactment
Approached the subject, but haven’t done it seriously. I have his email somewhere so I can email him.
73) Write Joyce Scott a letter
74) Take a special trip for spring break.
Nope – the Emily came home thing, though.
75) Go swimming at least three times
76) Go camping
77) Go canoeing
78) Fly a kite
79) Have a picnic at the park instead of home
80) Walk the creek with Michael at least once
We didn’t walk the creek, exactly, but we did go on the trail next to it, which Michael really wanted to do. Probably better than walking in our creek full of PCBs anyway!
81) Go to the zoo
82) Make sure to talk to Mom and Dad at least once a month
I think I have been better at this.
83) Send Christmas cards or a letter in 2007
Well, not yet!
84) See as many fireworks as possible
Saw some great ones for Independence Day. Didn’t see as many as I would have liked this year.
85) Go to karaoke at least once a month
Haven’t been as good at this this year. I need to try some new places, I think. Steph and I went at Office Lounge last week and it was really a good time and we talked to other people so I felt very social.

86) Cook with Michael more often
He is really taking off on trying stuff on his own and has even expressed interest in taking culinary arts classes at school. It will be hard because he takes up his electives with orchestra, but I think we are going to see if we can get it in.
87) Talk more with Michael about household tasks toward the ultimate goal of giving him more responsibility. I have been working at not being passive/aggressive about my feelings and just leaning toward aggressive! I think it helps. This week gave him a list and he is to do one item each day. Also I told him I will no longer do his laundry while I am taking my class. It is too overwhelming.
88) Help Emily get furniture and essentials for her apartment as able.
Well I haven’t had any money to help, but I have been watching Freecycle and pointed out items that might be of interest to her. She is all set up. I didn’t really help much financially, but did get a pretty nice table from Freecycle.
89) Write Emily a real letter while she is at school
Nope - but she calls me often and we have communicated well this year.
90) Make Michael do more household tasks regularly
Working toward it. See # 87.

91) Complete my taxes by February 15th
92) Pay off Citibank card
Trying, trying….
93) Pay off car
94) Pay all medical bills that are in collection
Uh – no.
95) Submit resume’ for two positions
Did one at Monroe Hospital. Now working on revamping the resume’ for Baxter Application. Having taken the class will help.
96) Pay back Debbie Shipley completely
Sigh --- still working on it.
97) Pay Dewey at least a little each month.
I have missed a couple of months and now with the house payment increase I am totally stressed about this.
98) Keep checkbook balanced
Fell accomplished with this.
99) Present three new revenue producing or creative ideas at work
Did one. I may give up on this one as my loyalty to H-T is waning with recent developments. Have taken this on as a major portion of my new position. Currently working on establishing contacts at other papers to survey about how they work their Public notices, etc.
Proposed ongoing rewards program to Cory for seeking new advertisers. Also current project about wooing City of Ellettsville - so consider accomplished.

100) Try some kind of mixed drink or try the hard lemonade
I have tried the hard lemonade and cranberry/vodka. I am still finding that for the most part I would rather use any excess calories and carbs on chocolate than on alcohol! I have a good time without it.
101) Make fondue again
102) Go to the Farmer’s Market at least three times
Yeah, baby. Our tomatoes were terrible this year so it got me to the market pretty regularly.
103) Look into participating in a produce co-op.
I looked into it, but it is $325 for the season. I asked if we could do barter of any kind, but we can’t. I just don’t have that big of a chunk all at once.
104) Try two new vegetarian main dish recipes
I found a couple I am going to try, but I will wait for Michael to be home, or if Renee does come visit for a while. Tried veggie lasagna without cooking the noodles first. I didn't really trust when people said it could be done. Also made black bean veggie chili for chili party.

105) Get two rolls of film developed
YES! Did it – had the ones from New Year’s at Gillian's and some from when we went out west four years ago. There were a couple of nice picture of Bobby before he died and we got prints made and framed and gave to Mom for her birthday in June.
106) Find out about serving on a community board or committee like One Book or MLK Day celebration
Am serving on committees at Women Inspire. One of them is for a big benefit concert which will benefit Middle Way House.
107) Attend UU at least two more times
Right now I am attending the church of sleeping late. Michael and I did go to a Sedar supper at UU, which was really nice to learn all that stuff, so I will count that as one!

Happy New Year!

Blog #1 of 2008!

I finished a great hat while at Debbie's celebrating New Year's Eve. I think it was done before midnight so I'll have to call it one of 2007's knit items. Royal blue with a fuzzy brim. I like it a lot.

We watched two movies; Talladega Nights and Knocked Up, ate lasagna and drank bubbly juice, an all-out free for all. Woo hoo.

Who would've thought my post-Mormon days would be so wild?

Just in case something happens and I don't post again on January 1. Small happiness for today... having a friend with whom it is so comfortable to spend New Year's Eve that I was fine wearing my slippers to her house. (I took shoes with in case it snowed while I was there. I'm not a total idiot.)

Good night!