Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Remember the uberlist?

The giant list of goals I used make annually? I think I started in 2005 with "105 for 05." In the beginning there was a LiveJournal group who made a list and blogged about the results each year. Eventually that faded away and I was the only remaining uberlister, so I brought it home to Joy in the Journey. I think uberlisting was good for me in one sense. It helped me to realize that even if I don't accomplish every goal or cross every item off my list I am still a good person! With that said, however, I do want to make a small list of goals I would like to achieve during this last quarter of the year:
1) Read a book each week.
2) Faithfully attend my Life Coaching Sessions with Christine and work diligently and whole-heartedly to learn about and begin the processes necessary for a life transformation.
3) Sugar only once a week.
4) French fries only once a week.
5) NO. MORE. SODA. I have 2-3 cans of Ginger Ale and I will keep those on hand in case of a sick day/glucose crash, but that is the only approved use.
6) Meatless (yet high protein) Mondays.
7) Knit enough hats to have 10 complete by Christmas.
8) Minimum of 300 minutes of intentional movement each month.
9) Pay off the IMA bill, find a new doctor and have an appointment.
10) Blog at least once a week in at least one of the three blogs.

What this is going to boil down to is less computer time, less Buffy and Angel and more of what life used to be before Facebook and Netflix. The intentional movement is truly a minimum. I actually hope to accomplish more than that. I am taking my chronic conditions, which have actually become quite acute lately, into account and hoping that unless it is a sick in bed day I can accomplish at least 10 minutes.