Friday, January 15, 2016

Erin got Tarot cards for Christmas and she has been practicing doing readings. I don't really believe that anything "predicts" the future, but I do think it is interesting to read Erin's interpretation of the cards because she knows me pretty much inside and out.


It's time to remove all toxins from within and around you. It's time to finally release and let go of all old and harmful habits you may have fallen back into. 

Ask the universe to help you release the toxins from your mind & body.

You'll be guided to look more closely at everything in your life which may be weighing you down...from food labels to unnecessary relationships and/or expenses.

Let go of anything that didn't work out that you hoped for in the last few months. It would have ended up being toxic for you.

As you do this your thoughts will veer away from self judgements and fear...and you will learn to love yourself even more as you continue this journey.

Find a creative outlet this coming year or get more involved in creating if you've let any of it fall to the wayside. Your life force is often connected to your creativity. Step out and try new facets like
Flower arranging or photography. (Just the ide
as that popped into my head....if you feel impressed to go about her route, by all means listen to your guts.)

Your creative expression doesn't need to be skillful or for anyone else. Paint outside the lines. Be a kid again as you explore this part of your spirit. You have many creatures endeavors you're pretty masterful at.... But this card urges you to dig and discover and old dream that you've always kept in your back pocket. heart emoticon

Moving Forward Fearlessly...
Your gut feelings, dreams and strong impulses aren't just wishful thinking. You're receiving them for a reason. They represent germination for new projects and situations to lead you to your divine mission. 

Honor those feelings. Have you wanted to move or uproot yourself? Now is as good of a time as my to take that step in your life. If you have a dream, step forward and work toward it this year. It's time for you to live the life you have always wanted. heart emoticon