Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I took off the ped right after work and mostly lay around and knit and watched TV tonight. Yes, I have a kidney infection and I am on three days of the biggest double dose of bactrim. If I don't feel 100% at the end of three days I am going to ask for a recheck to make sure all the nastiness is gone. I also went to B-foods and bought probiotics so I will have some delicious intestinal flora. I had planned to buy it to make homemade deodorant anyway, so this was motivation to get that done.

I need to be all better. Tomorrow is Buffalo Sisters, if I feel well enough. Thursday is counseling/coaching appointment with Christine. Friday is get Byron from the airport. Saturday is farmer's market and in the evening Byron's recital. It's all good and I need to have some energy! I also definitely need to wash some dishes somewhere in there, tidy up and at least start my taxes!

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