Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Going to do a shorty tonight...

I have to do dishes. I am drinking my nighttime water from a canning jar and it's not one of those cute ones with a handle made for drinking. It's one I use for spaghetti sauce! I have been enjoying working on the yard so much that the interior is WAY neglected. Tonight I mowed. I only mowed the front and the sides, but I got to do one of my favorite things which is mow the yard both directions so it doesn't have such obvious stripes. Also, when you come at the grass from the different angles it doesn't miss as many blades as when you just do it once. Nobody DARE say the "p" word. I just like it to look nice, that's all!

I also started Porch Beautification Project tonight. Step one was "before" pictures. Step two was moving the piles of fossils. I don't care what wonderful specimens or how rare they are, they looked crappy on the porch. I went to Dollar General after work yesterday and purchased a couple of plastic bins for the big ones and a plastic thing with drawers for the small ones. I nagged Michael to do this before he left and I am kind of pissy that I ended up doing it. I want him to learn that if you value things, you care for them properly. Even I - mean as I can be - am not willing to teach that lesson by damaging his fossils, however. I am ready to have the porch look nice to match all the work I have been doing on the yard and garden, so I went ahead and did it. He may have to earn those fossils back or something for his lesson.

I called Mom tonight. It was their 58th Anniversary today. She said they celebrated by going to Wendy's and getting Frostys. Sounds pretty good to me. I told myself today I was going to have ice cream for lunch tomorrow! I must have been psychicing with them.

It's on my list to drink two glasses of water tonight. If I am drinking out of a quart jar do I need to drink two of those?

Tomorrow I may post some more pictures. Not a however many part photo essay, just some pictures, I promise!

Well, off to dishes I think. Maybe it's a "Graceland" sort of dish doing night. TWO of my friends visited Graceland within a couple of days of each other so it has been on my mind. Paul and I can sing about it while I work.

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