Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still alive.

Yeah I know I missed a day, but I did NOT sign up for Blog 365 this year.

I had to work on the orchestra directory last night. Jane was=nts to have it copied and ready to pass out at Open House tomorrow. I also had some finshing up to do tonight.

Michael and I went shopping tonight - at the music store that is closing, and Aldi. He spent $85 on a thing to distort amplified cello and I spent $100 on groceries!

Must clean fishy tank tomorrow. It was on the list on the weekend and didn't get done.

My leg is healing better. I also found that there is antibiotic ointment with lidocaine in it, but the pain killer doesn't last all day. Whine.

Casey and Mandy have been getting some different kinds of bad news! Be sure to go vote for Casey.

Emily passed her driver's test today. I finally have a child with a driver's license. Now she just needs a car and insurance.

I.n so tired I am going to drop dead, plus I have a little more computery stuff to do.

Good night,

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