Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great/ other randomness.

Hippie Gnome in the garden, but it was night when I took it, so it's not too good. I will have to take one in the daytime tomorrow. You'll be sick of Hippie Gnome!

I got 10 mosquito bites last night and they just said on the news that someone in Indianapolis died from West Nile virus and it is especially bad this year.

I mowed tonight and it felt really hard - I think because it was so humid. At the same time it felt really hard it felt really good. I may mow again tomorrow, just for fun! I didn't get to go over the front yard twice and you know I like to do that...

Emily is coming to Indianapolis for a few days. She is going to stay with Heather and practice driving and take her driving test. It will be a miracle for one of my children to get a driver's license. I can't even get Michael to get a permit. I decided he would need to pass the test and get a permit to continue to ride his bike, but every time I have been to the BMV, they are out of the books with the rules! Maybe it's online. I ought to check.

Spider built her web across the door again tonight and she is eating something right now.

I plan to finish the front porch beautification project this weekend. Maybe I can even get the door painted! Michael didn't spend all his money in Japan so I have a little more than I thought I would have this week.

I worked really hard today at work. It was busy and I felt like I did a lot of good work. That is always a good feeling to me, even though it makes me tired. I kind of had a headache too. Ugh. My sugar was 87 when I woke up this morning. I ate pretty well today, but had some sweets at work and then with all the trips back and forth to the printer... I started feeling pukey and checked and my sugar was 87 again! Michael had called and told me he was going downtown to meet with his mentor for his Bike Project class. I called his cell and told him to stay at Bloomingfoods and we were going to eat there. I snarfed a couple rolls of Smarties, finished working as quickly as I could and then went downtown. I had a nice panini with lots of fresh mozzarella all melty in it. Yum. After that I felt better than I had felt all day. I wouldn't have been able to mow if I hadn't had good food for dinner or probably if I would have had to wait long enough to cook some myself or wait for Michael to cook even. I even had enough energy to stop at the store and get some groceries on the way home. Michael was out of ice cream, which is a pretty desperate situation. I did have a juice bar after I mowed, but I probably ought to check my sugar again and make sure I don't need to add something else before I go to bed. Part of the goal is to be able to take fewer pills and maybe it's about time to drop or cut another dose. I will keep my new chart until it's time for my next appt. with Dr. Andry and see what he says. I made places on it to comment on my overall eating for the day and what kind of movement I do...

I decided on my next reward. I really want the Violent Femmes CD. I have been thinking about their music all the time. Today I heard a song on the radio and remembered that DUH! I have it on cassette and I have a tape player again! I came home all excited and I don't have it.. sadness. I may even go ahead and buy it and put it somewhere where I will see it every day and then the moment I drop under 185 I'll be grooving to "Blister in the Sun!"

I have two more things on my list: dishes and write down checks in the checkbook. I may skip them both! Hey, it's almost Saturday. I'll have all weekend to do stuff, right? Except I do want to go up to Indy and spend time with Emily.

When Michael was in Japan one of the mechanics from another team gave him a great gift. We will have a photo shoot soon so you can see it. It's super cool.

Notice how I have stopped my positive thoughts thing? I decided it actually made me dwell on all the unhappy things that were happening to me or to others and I often felt sad. I still wish the best for everyone...but just can't think about it like that. Today I found out one of my internet friend's sons killed himself a few weeks ago. I have known her a long time and she is one of the women who attended Women's Conference when we went. About half of her children are bi-polar and this son was. I think he was in his twenties, but I am not sure. Thinking about this today is what made me think more about the "positive thoughts" think I did at the beginning of the year. I just don't know if I can think positive thoughts about such a horrible thing. I guess my positive thought is that J & V believe that families are forever and they can take comfort in that.

What a bummer note to end my post, but thats all for now.

Good night!

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