Sunday, August 16, 2009

Up to Indy...

Michael and I drove up to Indy and met Heather and Emily for lunch. We went to Bazbeaux's Pizza and it was delicious. I ate three pieces of pizza, even though my stomach had told me to stop at two. I have been very conservative on my food intake since we got home to make up for it.

After lunch Heather went to church. Emily, Michael and I went to Trader Joe's to do a little grocery shopping. They have a lot of their own products that are not available anywhere else and also carry some unique or "health food" type stuff, that is available in Bloomington at Bloomingfoods or Sahara Mart, but is less expensive at Trader Joe's. We didn't buy too much... about $40 worth. Michael picked an interesting kind of cheese. I got some natural and strong ginger ale to try the next time my tummy has problems. Emily picked some good chocolate and trail mix... fill in with some vegetarian prepared meals for Michael so he doesn't only eat spaghetti all the time when I don't want to cook, some bottled pesto, some cereal that Michael loves that was $1.00 cheaper per box, some chips and salsa that I love and there you have it I think. I saw a bottle of wine I really want, but no booze is sold in Indiana on Sunday. I am a very discriminating wine buyer. I buy wine because I like the bottle or the label and then I never drink it. I do offer it to guests, however, and then I keep the empty bottle around for decor. This was a beautiful, light colored chardonnay with a HUGE smiley face on the front! I am going to ask Heather to go buy one for me.

We stopped at an Indy bike store to look at helmets. I bought Michael a beautiful new helmet for Japan and it was damaged during the return shipping. I am pretty upset about that. Helmets at this place were VERY expensive. Up to over $200 - definitely not the kind that are in our budget. Michael also looked at bikes. Alexander has decided he wants to start getting around town on a bike and he will just buy his rather than building... because he can.

It was great to spend time with Emily. Sitting in the car with her and her constant chatter is so different than riding in the car with Michael. I am pretty sad that she has moved even farther away, but I know that's the way life goes. Her report on Casey and her cancer is that Casey has asked to have the amputation done as soon as possible. Right now she can still walk around with crutches, but it is very painful and she is on really high doses of morphine. Once the amputation is done she will have to wheelchair forever, but hopes to have less pain. I guess the dr. is saying in three to four weeks. She can't even get a prosthetic because they will take part of her pelvis also and she won't have enough muscles or bones to be able to use or control a prosthesis. It's all very sad to think of a nineteen year old going through this and it helps me realize every day how grateful I should be.

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