Saturday, August 15, 2009

Very late/ early.

I took just a wee nap after I got home, which wasn't until after 7:30. I stopped at the cell phone store on the way home. I decided to make little itty bitty steps toward Hope's Homemades so I don't get too scared and freeze up. I found that I can't keep my same cell number from Tracfone to a regular cell phone so I have to get a real cell phone, then I can make business cards with the new phone number. I am getting an inexpensive phone and the smallest plan to start and will only use it for business so it will be tax deductible in the start-up costs. One thing I found out is that you don't have to tax deduct your start-up costs in the year they actually occur. So I can keep making little steps and saving records and use these expenses toward 2010 taxes instead of 2009.

My next goal after business phone number and cards is name change. I want to change it before I register the business and start accounts so that it will decrease paperwork later.

I also decided another health goal. My final semester of my senior year in HS I took lifesaving as a school class. I was pretty confident I would pass the test and be able to lifeguard it I wanted. About 3 days before the test, however, was THE CAR WRECK. I was injured and could not take my lifesaving test and did not get certified. After I went to the lake last weekend and thought I was going to have to save this little girl I realized I want to get healthy and strong enough to take a class and get my certification. I know I could tow in a passive person or a dead body, but I know I am not strong enough to help someone who is struggling. That may be a very long-term goal because it will involve more weight loss, strength training, relearning some swimming and water skills, building endurance and THEN taking the course. I really feel good abot having something like that as a goal!

It's 2:17 now and I want to get to bed. We have a big weekend ahead of us. More front porch beautification, more weeding and yard work, a dump run, of course, a party for Solar bike team, cooking something for said party, and then Sunday I want to go up to Indy and see Emily.

P.S. Katie and I went to karaoke tonight and I sang "Lights" by Journey. I felt like I did a pretty good job and was only off a little a couple of times.

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