Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Up late again...

I had planned to mow tonight and it rained, rained, rained all day. It actually stormed quite heavily. Gillian called about 9:00 tonight (pretty much right as I awoke from my nap) and asked me to call her in the morning because she is still without power!

About that same time Katie came over and installed some programs into my computer. I FINALLY have word again and will be able to write at home. It has been really troubling because I don't really have time to write anything at work. If I DO write something at work I have to email it home and store it here because we're not supposed to keep personal files at work anymore. I also need to go buy a memory stick thing and transfer all the files and stuff I already had at work. I will have to stay late one night and do it.

After I woke up I ate - I hadn't eaten enough today and what I did eat was pretty much crap. The most substantial thing was bbq chips, if that tells you anything. Tomorrow is another day. I am going to be sure to eat before I leave home and have something with protein. Probably at least part of the reason I slept so long was from not eating properly today. I have been tracking my waking blood sugars this week to see how I am doing. It's not too bad. They have ranged from 87 - 119. I had gotten into the habit of checking only when I felt bad and never recording what my results were - just treating lows or highs as necessary and moving on. It's been a while since I have had an A1C, though, so I thought I'd better track for a while. I have an appt on the 18th and I think I will see if it is time for labs again. Lab results should help get a better picture of how the weight loss is helping in general. I think I am also dehydrated tonight. Usually when I work throughout the evening I drink many glasses of water and also a few while I play computer and blog at night.

I got a plant stand at Dollar General today for $3.75. It looks nice. All that is left is door frame and door cleaning and painting! If I don't go out tomorrow I will put clean the door frame on my list. I am thinking of going out, however, if I can find a companion. Sarah is singing at Player's Pub and I really have enjoyed when I go hear her. She'll think I'm a freaking groupie soon.

I watched "Doubt" tonight. Thanks for the reminder of it, Deb. I enjoyed it - very well made and amazing acting of course. It made me think of my own tolerances and intolerances and what I do and don't doubt in myself and in others. The time era with its issues of racial integration made the other issues of tolerance and judgment of right and wrong of sexuality, orientation and motives and actions seem more pertinent, I thought. The movie could really have been set in any era, plot-wise, but 1964 was the PERFECT year. Kudos to the writer on that.

I have a couple more things on my list. I think I will move "letter to Lu" to tomorrow when I can dedicate more time to it. I have not been a good communicator with her over the past few months, despite her surgery and subsequent recovery. She is constantly on my mind, however. I think my fear of illness or of interrupting the long process has given me some kind of block. I really regret that, however. Lu and I are close enough that she knows I don't always say the right thing to express what I mean, but that I love her anyway. I need to get over myself, someday!

So goodnight.

Still thinking on my essay/article "Eat the Frosting First." Maybe now with Word I'll get a chance to get a rough draft going.

Ooooh... just heard a scary noise and I did find a mouse nest in the closet a few weeks ago, but I thought it was old and abandoned. I'll have to check again tomorrow!

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