Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad Poetry Night:

This is what happens when you spend too much time sitting in the grass weeding...

To all the blogs I read before
then Facebook came right through your door
No more daily news
no more political views
like there were before.

To all the blogs that I perused
Now you're very seldom used
No pictures of the fam
No recipes for Spam
I almost feel abused.

Bloggers no longer seem to write
just update "status" day and night.
A three word phrase in here
A five word sentence there
Somehow they feel that's enough to write.

To those of you with new babes in arms
I know you're learning all the charms
of your sweet one's little grins
and the love that's in
your hearts and in your homes.

So some of you are I will forgive
returning students, new moms have to live,
but I would like to know
how well the classes go
and see the babies grow
Please blog and think it is a gift.

To all the blogs I read before
Now I miss you even more
Thinking of it all
before you heeded Facebook's call
and made my reading-loving heart so sore.

To all the bloggers I adore.
Please know I love you even more,
though you forsook me for Farmville
and don't tell me when you're ill
so I can send good thoughts and will.

To those of you who still write a bit.
I read you like you're classic lit.
I am glad to see your updates
your children and their playmates
your parties and your homes, even just a little bit.

To bloggers who have not forgotten
to make your life public like I do.
I'm so happy that you stay
Bejeweled did not take you away.
Play a little here and there, but always be aware
that I am a voyeur to you...

To all the blogs I read Pre-FB days
please write, and tell about your ways
I'll read everything you print
and comment if you want
just let me know and then I'll praise!

1 comment:

Deanna said...

This is hilarious. By the way, I have a middle ear infection. McCartney started school and rode to school with her BOYFRIEND!!! Umm...I may be going to Nashville in November for a conference. We had a yard sale last weekend and made over $200 (which went toward buying McCartney school clothes). McCartney and I are going for a free makeover at Kohl's next Saturday (and I swear I'm not going to buy anything no matter how much they pressure me). I'm coming down this week. I'm staying with Gill. She emailed me and wanted to get together. Let's see...there's more, but some of it I don't want to post publicly. Stuff that I talked to you about when I was down there last time.