Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am a home improvement genius.

I went to Menard's to get a piece of trim for the patio door (that's a long story) and wood putty. The next phase of the front porch beautification project is to paint the door frame. When I washed it in preparation I realized the the top corners have slightly gaping cracks that I don't want. So after my fun trip to the dump - off to Menard's. I found the door sill I wanted. I found a cloth rug, perfect for the front porch for $3.00 and looked and looked for wood putty. Finally I found just spackle, but it came in a tube instead of a little bucket. Aahhh, thought I, this will be very easy to squeeze into those little cracks and be the perfect thing. It's worth three dollars, even though I have one of those buckets of spackle at home. So I got home, got my stool out so I could reach the top of the door frame, got my spackle thingy to make sure it was pushed all the way into the cracks, got my damp cloth to wipe off excess, clipped the tip of the tube at the recommended 45 degree angle, put it up to the crack and started squeezing.... nothing came out. I squeezed harder...nothing came out. I took both hands and squeezed even harder - the opposite end of the tube burst open and spackle started coming out! Pisser. So, because I am a genius and also a baker who often takes the easy way out and know a few tricks...I got out my little bucket of spackle, made some the right consistency, put it in a ziplock bag, trimmed the tip off the corner and filled my cracks! I will definitely be returning that three dollar tube of useless! Maybe I will pick up another rug instead! Tomorrow will be paint day for the door frame. The spackle wil have plenty of time to dry, despite the gazillion percent humidity and I want to do a light sanding first just to make sure the paint has a nice, clingy surface.

I saw a pedestal sink at Menard's that I like and it is on sale for $89 until the 23rd. I get paid this week. It is about the most simple style they have and it comes with all the parts, including the faucets! Most of them you have to buy the bowl, pedestal, faucets and hardware all separately and some cost hundreds of dollars. I want the small one though - one reason I want it is to be able to get the vanity out of there and make the bathroom look bigger. I will have to find the tile I want for the floor now and find some great deal on that. They often have tile at the Habitat ReStore, maybe next weekend I can do that. I am going to pay someone to install the tile. I want real ceramic and I don't want to have to rent a cutter and stuff. If I were doing self-stick like I did in the other bathroom I would do it myself. I will probably do all the demo myself - take out the vanity, toilet and old linoleum, and then only have to pay for the installation. Then I will do the reinstallation of toilet and new sink myself because I am a home improvement genius!

I had my massage today. More about that either later or tomorrow. Katie called and I am going to put on clean clothes and get out of here for a while!

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