Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A good cause.

Mandy and Casey. I stole this from Facebook. I hope they don't mind. They are so beautiful and Mandy has been a faithful and loving friend to Emily all through college. They were random dorm placements Freshman year and lived together all four years of college. Emily has even considered moving to Milwaukee to help with Casey's care during her illness and treatments. Who knows - maybe she will still go if she doesn't get a teaching job. Emily can kind of be random that way...

Casey is Emily's Roommate's Sister. She is 19 and has an extremely aggressive cancer. Please go here and vote for her so she can win a trip to NYC for some pampering. Vote every day!

Right now the drs. estimate that the amputation will be in mid September. Casey is just ready to get it over with. I hope it goes well and helps her feel better, without so much pain.

All of my life seems so trivial when you think of a battle like this. I am grateful that my children are healthy and that my health problems, though chronic, allow me to live a fairly normal life, and even have less pain than I used to have.

I want to write soon and post pictures of our "Family Reunion" we had back in July. I just reviewed the pictures last night and my goodness, we have a beautiful family! We're even nice, too!

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