Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mosquitoes 10: Hope 0

Here's the spider that built a beautiful orb web across our back door tonight.
I hope you can see the neat design on its thorax? abdomen? - it's like a plus mark.
I saw it capture and wrap this moth.
It was amazing how quickly the spider moved.
The entire process was complete in about thirty seconds.
Here's my little Sumo guy from Japan! I am going to have to ask Scott what the words on his chest say.
Both my gifts. Hello Kitty TOE SOCKS. I am going to wear flip flops to work on Friday and wear them! I need to find a shirt that goes with light blue socks. I used to make fun of this guy in college WAAAAY back at Purdue for wearing these, and his weren't even Hello Kitty. Now I have my own. Can you say, "dork?"

Boy, did they (back to the mosquitoes) win tonight! I had ten bites by the time they chased me in. I am still itchy.

Saw Dr. Andry again today. He said I lost 6 pounds this month. I didn't feel like it and I swear my scale doesn't say so, but I will choose to believe him. BP is good 117/70. I tracked my morning glucose for about 10 days and it was good. One of the things on my list tonight is to make a new chart and track it again for the rest of the month. I felt like it was pretty under control, but previous to making the chart I was only testing at times I didn't feel good, to see if it was low or high. On my chart I recorded my night snack, what time it was, what time I went to bed, and what the sugar was in the morning. I think on my new chart I want to have a spot to record if I did any intentional movement that day and also if I felt like the big picture of eating for the day was good or bad.

Michael made it to school today but he was very tired. He said he was in a surreal fog by about second period. He slept some when he got home from school and went to bed pretty much at 9:00 so maybe he can start getting back into our schedule.

I put Hippie Gnome in the garden today, but then I didn't take his picture because I got so involved in actual yard work that it got too dark. I am not sure if he is in his permanent home anyway. Tomorrow, we'll see. He is next to the mint and any hippie Gnome SHOULD be by the herbs!

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KAT said...

That's really cool to watch a spider catch it's prey.