Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chocolate Bacon

Everybody at work has been talking a lot about chocolate bacon. I have decided to make a chocolate cake and make either marzipan or fondant bacon to decorate it. I am pretty sure I can also manage a marzipan piggy. My big decision is going to be - should I put real bacon in the middle layer to really surprise them and freak them out or should I just use it for decoration? I kind of hope if I get the kitchen clean tonight I can do it tomorrow night. I will definitely take pictures when it gets done. I am definitely going to cheat and make cake mix cakes and canned frosting. It will take a long time to paint the bacon and make piggy....Friday is payday. If I can do it tomorrow I could write something on it like, "It's time to bring home the bacon."

We shall see...

I mowed my yard and Suzanne's tonight too. My leg hurts like *&^$%(, but it has been too many days since I exercised so I also have a great sense of satisfaction. Honestly my yard needed other stuff done much more than mowing, but I wanted the exercise. I hope it is nice tomorrow... oh wait, I want to make that cake tomorrow.

We shall see... (haha! I made a typo the first time and typed "we shall wee....")

I feel like I had a really good food day today. I had trail mix and some dried fruit for breakfast - a good mix of protein, carbs and fiber, I think. Then for lunch I had the banana strawberry protein smoothie from Starbucks. One of my coworkers gave me a coupon so it was only $2 instead of $4. I had NO SODA TODAY. For dinner I made a nice lean, turkey sandwich with swiss cheese and veggies and low fat mayo on high fiber bread. I ate the rest of the half of a BIG tomato, and some baby carrots. I also had some chips and dip with it, but not too much, I would say. I didn't eat the entire sandwich because - listen to this - I GOT FULL. I am learning to tell when I am full and when to STOP eating.

When we went shopping last night as we packed up the groceries I noted that we had bought a lot of things that I think sound good for breakfast. Desire to eat breakfast and anything even sounding remotely appetizing is a HUGE problem for me - even when I am waking up with these glucose readings well under 100. 78 today, for example.

Well I still have items on my list, including cleaning the fish tank - blech. Also I need to shower and I want to be IN BED by midnight.

We shall see...

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Amber said...

Don't ruin a good cake by putting bacon in it. You want people to eat it right? ;) I had chocolate covered bacon once and it was NASTY.