Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blues/ Middle of the night cheesecake.

I had the blues today. I wanted to go see Blues Traveler and didn't have anybody to go with arranged as yet. I thought I might just take a road trip by myself as I am wont to do, but it didn't feel right today.
So I called Katie to see if she wanted to go. I had contemplated asking her early in the week, but wasn't sure if I could listen to her talk during a road trip to Columbus and back. (Don't worry, Katie knows she talks a lot and she knows sometimes I can't take it and have to be away from her. We have lived together). I decided if I didn't want to go to the show alone I would probably enjoy Katie's talkative company. We were both on Yahoo! so I messaged her and asked her if she wanted to go. She said she couldn't afford it. I said I couldn't really either, but I wanted to go anyway because I don't think there will ever be another chance to see John Popper for only $20. I joked that I was going to go online to a website chatroom and find a sugar daddy to take us to the concert. Katie knew an Indiana singles chat room where she had been before.... SO we go there and a guy who uses the screen name SoundTek, to whom Katie has chatted for over two years says he is working that concert!
So we got ready quickly. You would be so proud of me. I blew off EVERY chore except going to the dump. Met up with SoundTek in his hotel and made the arrangements to get into the show. SoundTek (Dave, IRL) and his roomie and co-worker had to go over and get set up, so Katie and I went to dinner nearby, then walked over to the park. All I had eaten up to that point was a bowl of granola this morning and it was nearly 5:30 by then.
We had a great, protein-filled dinner to help heal my wound! and speed up my metabolism! Then we watched "The Elms" an Indiana band trying to get to the big time.
Then my man, John and his band came out. I was sad that he did not wear his special harness that holds 30 or 40 harmonicas. He just had a box of harmonicas lying on the table near him. Baby, Baby, Baby, was I in harmonica heaven!
The drummer was cute as well as talented.
The bassist played an upright as well as a bass guitar. I did a lot of filming of him so Michael could see his style. They all did a lot of improv. I wonder what ate the corner of this picture.

Now I have a mint cheesecake in the oven. I thought I had an order fo Wednesday night. The plan was to make a cheesecake using the new flavoring tomorrow night, take it to work for feedback, adjust if necessary and bake Monday for a Tuesday delivery. The woman called today and said, "Oh! Grandma's birthday is Wednesday, but we're celebrating it tomorrow!" Somehow either she forgot to put that in her email or I missed reading it! I want to go back and check. Note for starting business - always double check expected delivery date, place and time, maybe triple check.

I had thought I'd go to bed and do it in the morning, but this way it will have time to cool properly and I worry about that with the high humidity right now. I plan to garnish it with chocolate rosettes and real mint leaves from the garden. You know I will take a picture, unless it sucks terribly! I hope not!

One bad thing about the date confusion is that I had also planned to have my business cards ready by the time I delivered this - one reason I skipped ahead to get the cell phone and new number. Now I will have to try to get to Kinko's and get them done, pay a lot more than if I did them myself, and probably not get the paper I want and the design I want, etc. I might go ahead and go to the office and see if our Word there has the business card template on its tools settings. This one at home does not. I have also tried to use the site we used to make Michael's cards for Japan and the PDF won't load for me. I wonder if it can tell by your user number and limit you to one time use. I may try it at work and see if it will work on a different computer.

The cheesecake is starting to smell minty! Yum. I will return and report tomorrow on its success or failure.

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