Monday, August 3, 2009

The cake was good.

Even after sitting overnight in a covered container it did not get too soggy and the bananas did not turn to brown mush. I had mostly good feedback. One guy who is also a baker said he would like a little nutmeg. After I took the pictures I posted last night I took a banana sticker and cut a little tiny oval out of it, so one of the bananas had a blue sticker. They were my favorite part. I had painted the stem ends with a little brown paste coloring and added a few banana speckles really lightly here and there. I think they looked better IRL than in the photos.

Front porch beautification project is going well. I finished painting the table base today, put rocks back in with what I considered the prettiest on top and rearranged the remaining rocks - only large ones - artfully is a designated area. A new rule will be only mother approved rocks on the porch. I also swept the porch again really well and swept the mat and put it back in place. Previous to project a large planter had been sitting on the table so you could no longer see how cleverly designed my table is. I moved it to a stool in the corner and I think they have plant stands for around $5 at Dollar General. I will go tomorrow and look. What is left is to clean and paint the door frame and then clean and paint the door. I am trying to decide if I might want to look for a sisal-type large rug and have that on the porch. That might depend on price and availability. I can't wait to show my before and after pics when it is complete. Even without new chairs it already looks so much better!

I also weeded for a really long time. I have a few patches that are naked enough that I think I will mow tomorrow and then go ahead and put down some seed and see what happens. I have been REALLY concentrating on this one area of lawn and taking out everything that is not real grass. The idea is to do that over and over again until all the roots of the nasty stuff are no longer there. Then I will reseed and see if real grass grows and not the nasty stuff back again. If real grass sprouts well and takes hold I will move on to another area of the lawn. Of course all while maintaining a garden and doing the front porch beautification project and working an 8 - 5 job and blogging daily and reading and baking and washing a lot of dishes and and and... guess what, I didn't eat out at all today! I was tempted, but came home and had a nice PBJ for dinner. I had thought of it last night, but didn't have good milk so when I went to the store to buy my bananas last night for the cake filling I bought some good milk too and had my PBJ tonight. I bought a zucchini at the market Saturday and someone gave me a squash so I think tomorrow night I will have some sauteed veggies for dinner.

Jon & Kate Plus Eight airs again at 11:00. I can't decide if I want to watch or not. It's all sad now. :( I remember one episode where Kate told about how at naptime she let the little six watch episodes of the show as they went to sleep and she'd let them decide which one they wanted to watch. I imagine little Hannah asking, "Can we watch one of the old episodes, Mommy? When we used to be happy?" Poor things. I know sometimes divorce is for the better and it is a decision I made myself, but it's PRIVATE. Yet - I also WANT to see. Maybe I am an example of voyeurism at its worst... Sigh....

Okay. I have around twenty more tasks on my list and I hope I get at least half of them done. I HAVE to finish the dishes. I have little ants invading.

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