Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just stuff again.

I have to get my business cards made by Tuesday. I have a cheesecake to deliver. Good thing I have the weekend to work on them. It will be a mint cheesecake. Last one I made with pure peppermint oil and it was too strong. Today I bought Creme de Menthe that Amber recommended. I will have to make one Sunday, take to work on Monday, make sure it's a good flavor, then bake again Monday night to deliver on Tuesday. If I don't like the new flavor I will use the oil again, but cut the amount by half.

Michael had his first cello lesson of the school year tonight. I napped in the car and also did this major thing I have been wanting to do of sorting out my keys - sounds, stupid, I know. I am tired of carrying around all the little store tags and keys to other peoples' houses. I made one set for me that is only my car and house keys, one ring with other peoples' houses keys, one set with store tags, one set with EXTRA car and house keys to keep in my purse all the time, one set of Extra house and car keys to keep at home all the time, and gave Michael an extra car key to hold. He can always bike it to me if I am stuck somewhere. With all these precautions, you would think I am a chronic key loser or locker-inner, but I am not! I have only locked the keys in the car twice. Once when I was 16 and once a few years ago at Holiday World. I have only lost one set of keys long-term once. I just decided I was risking it too much by not having extras. Last week Judy at work locked her keys in the car with the car running! She had to leave it on for five hours until her daughter could take her lunch at work and go home to get the extra keys. It made me decide I am getting older and better be ready. I had already had extra keys made a couple of weeks ago, but now they all will have permanent, known homes, plus the added bonus feature of not having all those store cards with me all the time if I want to carry keys in my pocket while I hike or something, yet they are easily accessible in my purse.

So that's my big excitement for the day. I didn't work in the yard at all today, which may be some kind of achievement, I'm not sure. After cello we sat out on the front porch and I ate some food while Michael ate a chocolate milkshake. After that he practiced "track stands" in the driveway on his fixed gear. "Look Mom, no hands!" track stands sometimes. Just what every mom wants to see.... he is quite good at it. It's amazing to balance a bike without moving.

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