Saturday, August 1, 2009

Me, me, the busy bee!

I went all over this freaking town today!

Farmer's Market
Opportunity House
Habitat ReStore
Dollar General
Big Lots. JoAnn Fabrics

I think that's all, but it was A LOT for me.
I bought:
yellow squash
grape tomatoes
one pair of pants
light fixture globe (didn't fit!)
Hose spray handle
a few grocery items and juice
Monkey stickers
tiny cards and cute journals to keep my daily lists in.
a plastic storage bin
a big, fattening sandwich and french fries!

The dump was next to last. I was out doing the shopping and walking from like 11:30 - 5:00. When I got home I wanted to go to bed SO badly. I had cleaned out the fridge, however, making the dump an absolute MUST DO. So I went to the dump, then Wendy's on the way home. Then I worked on the garden from 7 until after 9:00. I did more weeding, of course, trimmed under April (yes, we named our tree), replaced the porch light cover with the one that came with the house, took some more garden pictures and now it's midnight. I still have things to do on my list, but all I am going to do is feed the fishies and take my medicine and get to bed. The rest of that stuff will still be there tomorrow.

I didn't find any pretty porch chairs that I felt like I could afford. The best price on something decent was $16 each and I want garage-sale-like prices. I will just clean up the white plastic chairs and keep using them. They will look nice again when cleaned up. I am also going to repaint the door frame (and eventually the door). Porch beautification project is still underway, although I chose to weed tonight mostly. If I don't keep up with the weeding all of it will have been in vain. Tomorrow I will clean at least one of the chairs and maybe paint the table base.

Okay - going to go feed fishies and get my body to bed, where it should be. I want to try another day tomorrow with NO NAP.

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