Friday, August 21, 2009

Scarred for life, I think.

This is my shaving wound from last SUNDAY. It is still oozy and bleeding every day. I usually keep it covered and with bacitracin on it. Fear of infection because of diabetes scares the (*%&* out of me. I like my feet and stuff.
One day I considered that perhaps the ointment was keeping it too moist and that if I left it off and left the wound uncovered it would form a scab and not be so painful and disgusting. I learned that when it is dry it hurts even more to move my leg or have it touch ANYTHING. I weeded the yard that night - the night of the ant bites - and if my leg even got near the tip of a blade of grass it shot zings of pain up to my eyeballs. Taking a shower is no fun either. It is still swollen and amazing. I noticed last night that my Bacitracin is expired so today I bought new ointment and new bandages. I am definitely going to keep this thing clean and covered.
I have been wearing a bandage over it to work every day and even though I have worn skirts every day nobody really noticed. Why aren't they checking out my sexy legs when I am wearing skirts? My calves are ripped! Yesterday was the first day Gillian noticed and she said, "You got a tattoo!" She knows my temptations... "No, I have a four inch gash in my leg." So today I kept the bandage off until after I got to work so Gill could see my wound. I don't usually wear flip-flops, but today was Aloha Friday..."Mmmmm okay." (Obscure "Office Space" reference"). So Gillian cleverly designed a tattoo for my bandage! It was kind of fun, but at the same time today EVERYBODY noticed and I had to admit that I cut myself this badly shaving! How embarrassing. This is a 3x4 inch bandage and notice how the wound is so big that it actually goes up into the sticky part. Yeah, that hurts like a &^%%^& when I have to take it off. Maybe now that everyone knows I will quit being subtle and go ahead and bandage it with a gauze pad and tape so I don't have to do that anymore. And duh. It just occurred to me that I should be doing that at night anyway. I always put on a fresh bandage before bed and in the morning, and kind of try to watch for when the blood starts showing through the pad during the day. It has made sleeping an uncomfortable thing this week. And as far as the 300 point challenge at work - huh. I guess I could do arm weight for 40 minutes every day and get a couple of points. The backs of my arms are saggy baggy after the weight loss. The tops are getting more defined because of the weeding and digging, but I need some serious triceps work!

So while I am talking about the pain in my leg, for which I have seriously taken pain pills this week - I think I cut just to the right level to do serious nerve damage or something... Remember to go vote for Casey on the Victoria's Secret site. There's a number one by her picture and I wonder if that means she's in the lead??? That would be SO COOL. I think it would be wonderful for her to have something to look forward to after her amputation and a little healing time.

PS - All the women at work said I need to buy the Venus razor and they are so much better that this won't happen.

PPS - If it is not healed well by my next dr. appt I promise to talk to him about it. I also know to watch for pus, fever and and red stripe or heat coming from the wound, so don't worry about me getting gangrene and not realizing it.


Deb said...

Sounds as though there are numbers around you who are reminding that you be watching this, carefully. Good stuff, all' them.

To those, and to your good rockin' blues connections...

Good Sunday Morn' atcha all. xo

ems615872002 said...

I used to use the super-fanciest Venus razor, and I didn't like it, so I switch to the Schick Quattro. I like it MUCH better; the blades are fatter and I feel like it does better on the first go.