Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bed by nidnight

is on my list for tonight. That gives me SEVEN minutes! Aaah!

I slept after work, thinking I was going to go out with Debbie, but she called and cancelled. I decided I did not want to go by myself and I wanted some exercise "points" for our challenge at work so I mowed the yard again. Fifty minutes = two and half points, although I don't know if we're doing halves! I may have to mow the yard every day the way I feel about exercise lately. I even purchased the Yoga for Stress Relief tape that started it all for me many years ago, and still haven't done it one time! Yoga counts for points too. I need to get on the ball. Losing weight by eating less is nice, but I need to make sure and move and keep my metabolism revved up too! Dr. Andry said lots of protein will also help. Of course when I feel like eating I feel like eating carbs! Sigh...

I have been feeling good lately even though still tired and wanting all the naps. I think the front porch beautification project has helped my spirits a little. I will move washing the door frame to tomorrow's list because of mowing tonight instead. I can paint it over the weekend.

Maybe soon I will also be able to afford the paint for the door and the shutters. I bet the neighbors are going to love the PURPLE!

I think the squash plant is out of control. It's starting to wrap its tendrils around the tomato and the flowers. I am going to have to do a little squash amputating tomorrow! I chose to plant a squash because I knew it would grow quickly and fill in the empty space, but this is getting ridiculous! I still has pretty blssoms every morning and I think of those as potential squashes so it will be hard to amputate.... Tomorrow I will probably harvest my first two grape tomatoes. I will record them for posterity, of course!

Okay I have to get 10 things off the dining room table, brush my teeth, reset my alarm (power went out today) and get to bed four minutes ago. oops.


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