Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I get my massage tomorrow! The one I deserved for going under 200 pounds, which was 10 pounds ago! For a while I told myself my trip to Ohio was an instead reward for the massage, but I would have gone to Ohio no matter what. I am a little nervous because it is a man massage therapist and I had a bad experience with one a few years ago. This guy is HIGHLY recommended, however, and I am going with a friend so if I feel uncomfortable I will request that she be in the room. I really need it physically and if I can get myself to relax mentally it will be helpful. Even though the weeding and yard work has helped my mental state this will be better. I am going to ask him to work on my feet and legs a lot. Even though my feet don't swell so much anymore, the left leg is always bigger than the right so I wonder if a good massage can get the lymphatic fluid circulating better and help it.

Well, I said bed my midnight and it is now 12:14. I will report back in tomorrow!

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