Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy #1-4.

Happy # 1 - Leg is starting to heal much better. No more ooey gooey and I am not so worried about infection as it is less of an open wound.
Happy # 2, but with a drawback. I wore sticky bandages on it so long the skin around it has become over-sensitive, itchy and painful. I am sure it will heal quickly. I was able to leave it uncovered most of the day to day and felt okay about it.
Happy # 3. I cleaned the fish tank last night - a task I dread.
Happy # 4 Meet Peg, on the left and UVR on the right. I secretly hope UVR will die so Peg can have the tank to himself.

Also happy - Michael had a great lesson with Ben tonight. I ate dinner on my front porch for the 2nd night in a row, even though the front porch beautification project is only partially complete, and I spent quite a bit of time completing the edging along the street and touching up the edges of the driveway. Michael picked a nice bowl of grape and cherry tomatoes from the garden and we will eat them for dinner tomorrow in some fashion.

I have to go vote for Casey before midnight.

Also I keep trying for that mythological midnight bedtime. I am not sure it exists for me any longer. Once I master midnight I will start working on 11:30.

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KAT said...

I really like the rocks in your fish tank. They are so cheerful.