Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yes, it is true.

I did not blog last night!

I watched a movie, "Rabbit-Proof Fence" which I highly recommend, and then, and then, and then... I slept. Like normal hours, like a normal person. The bad thing was I fell asleep without taking my medicine and my glucose was 122 when I got up this morning, but even that is not outrageous.

I did a lot of stuff today - More furniture moving, groceries, installed the new deadbolt, laundry, reading, took a nap, went to the dump, TOOK a dump (haha!), and now I am baking cookies to take to an orchestra fund raiser tomorrow.

Then I am going to go out and do something fun! It's on my list so I HAVE to do it, right? I realized today as I made my list that as much as I enjoy a clean house and baking and having food, I needed to do something for ME today. Tomorrow will bed dedicated to fund raiser, then pick up Michael, then probably more house stuff - like installing the doorknob part of the front porch beautification project. Plus I actually need to take the deadbolt back out and paint under the edges. It doesn't quite cover the same area as the old one and I do NOT want to get purple paint on the new one!

So - gotta go check cookies!

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Erin S. said...

Holy Crap Hope...your lists always leave me breathless. I've said it before and I am sure I'll say it again.

What did I manage to do today?! I finally got all of Clara's room primed.....and I scrubbed the bathtub. The funeral was pushed back till MOnday....since I all ready found a sub for my primary class I took a day to just do some stuff. I am tuckered out from all the painting...and to think I have to finish it all this week. Remind me to become rich so I can hire people to do this for me.