Saturday, September 5, 2009

Messed up cookies...

Computer cookies, that is! It is not remembering my passwords on sites where I have told it to remember me. Sometimes I can't remember what they are!

Good day at work. I got a lot accomplished and felt good about it. I felt like I didn't spend my share of the time with my phone turned on to the rotation, but I had a TON of walk-in customers and problems with auction ads and stuff that just plain happens. I didn't even leave a HUGE mess, jut a normal size mess to return to on Monday.

Katie and I went to the FunnyBone comedy club tonight. She got some free tickets somewhere. It was fun. I was relaxed and really enjoyed it. I really did think some of the jokes were funny, but I just kind of sat and relaxed. One of the guys pointed it out and I just replied, "I'm undemonstrative." He made some kind of joke about that. It was an early show and we didn't go anywhere else so I have been here playing computer and doing little tasks. I still feel nicely relaxed and will probably head off to bed soo, even though my list of tasks is not completed.

I only have a couple of things left to do to finish Sue's shirt. I used iron-on patches and an iron-on backing, but I still want to go around the edges with the sewing machine to make sure everything is secure. That part makes me nervous. I will tackle it over the weekend. I am determined. I would also like to complete the front porch beautification project. I need to wash the front door, sand it lightly and paint it. That means I need to spend money on the paint. I would also like to replace the knob and deadbolt. They are the wrong color plus they are just plain wearing out anyway. To unlock the knob you have to wiggle the key at just the right angles at just the right time... maybe I can get to ReStore tomorrow and see if they have a set on the cheap! It would certainly be easier to paint the door after removing knob and deadbolt and before replacing - no need to be careful - just slop it on! My kind of job.

Michael is sleeping outside - second night this week. I found out there is once again a fall break in the school schedule at the end of October and I have thought of asking off for it. I am afraid Michael will want to go camping in the cold. Ugh. Maybe if he promises to get up and make a roaring fire each morning before I even have to think of getting out of my toasty sleeping bag! We will see on that one!

Tomorrow is a big day for Bloomington with Farmer's Market and Fourth Street Festival of the arts and other special stuff. I'd like to go to Market, but I may avoid downtown and just go to ReStore and run some regular errands. Michael is working at the orchestra booth at the festival tomorrow, but I didn't get signed up to work, so I don't plan to go until Sunday, when the orchestra plays. Then I can look around for crafty ideas to steal...

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