Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Purged, I have been.

One of the guys at work purged me from his FB "friends" list. Not the one who made me cry last week, but the one who doesn't like me and when I confronted him he said something about me being a negative person.... that was the day I came home and cried on lunch instead of sitting at my desk and doing it. The funny thing is I think that people generally think of me as really happy and carefree. I have worries, sure, and I talk about them, but I don't think I sit around and whine about poor me. I guess it shouldn't really matter to me what other people think of me when I know that I am happy with myself, but somehow, it kind of does.

I could sit around and talk about how much community service I do or how many hats I give away or how wonderful I am in oh, so many ways. I do the things I do because I love them, not because I want to be praised or convince somebody that I am really a nice person... You guys (if anybody really ever reads this) already know me and know the things I do and I think you know the reasons too.

Anyway. I didn't get the treat ready to present that I found at Mom and Dad's house. I did mail a real letter today. Yay me! I also have it on my list to write one tonight, but I think I may have messed around too long. It's so easy to waste time doing NOTHING.

I did finish painting the door frame tonight and I bought new door mat at the Dollar Tree today during lunch hour. A couple more little steps of the front porch beautification project are complete. Next step is to clean the door and get it ready to paint. By the time I get my yard, garden and porch the way I want them it will be snowing! It is already unseasonably cold and I am sad about it. :( (Oh no! negative person remark!)

I should put in the picture of Michael that I took today, but I think I will save it for another night and just make this a short entry tonight. I want to try to write that note and finish the next step on Sue's shirt I am trying to make pretty.

Later, Gators!


Deb said...

"I guess it shouldn't really matter to me what other people think of me when I know that I am happy with myself..."

I say, "yep!"

It's good we care about others and be okay to wonder why they think what they are thinking, to a certain extent. Other than that...(FCC bleeping me).

I will now go start the morning coffee while contemplating how telling another person they are negative is a positive. Conundrum, that one (alrighty).

Crazy Deb, over and out! :D

Hope said...

The conundrum is true - and I think the reason that it upset me so much is that it triggered from the past when my ex always used to tell me I was a negative person - while he punching holes in walls or throwing things or something...