Saturday, September 26, 2009


Dad fell down the stairs and Mom had to call the ambulance. Heather is on her way there to assess the situation and then she is supposed to call me. I had been considering going there tomorrow to do some work before I went to Indy to get Michael... just this evening I thought maybe I should bring Mom and Dad down for a few days and let them have a break from their house. Maybe if Dad doesn't have to stay in hospital we can still do that. I must be optimistic to think that I can do it for a week, but maybe that's telling me something. I could put them to work during the days identifying the pictures that I have piled in the "unknown" section and Dad can watch all the CSI he wants.

I went and did lots of shopping today to buy mostly household stuff. I have a paranoia about running out of laundry detergent, fabric softener, toilet paper, dish soap and stuff like that and it was time for a refill. I also got a nice cardigan at Goodwill and a very nice cotton blanket at Opportunity House. Katie came with me and got some stuff she has needed for a while, but has been loathing the idea of buying. She also found a pair of jeans at OPP House and she really needs some new clothes with winter coming on.

Well, I would like to blog a little more, but I feel like I need to go get some stuff done in case I end up on the road for the rest of the weekend or with extra people here. Most of it is stuff I need to do anyway - you should see my list for today. Even I am overwhelmed by today's list and realize I am going to have to recognize the futility of the bad "p" word and that I can't accomplish everything I want every day. I guess the "p" word for right now is PRIORITIZE!

I will return and report on dad's condition and/or injuries.

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