Sunday, September 20, 2009

Front Porch

Beautification is nearly complete! I am so excited. Soon it will be complete and I will show you the before and after pics. Installing a deadbolt is easy. Installing a knob - there are a couple of screws that are hard to get to line up. I had to do a little repainting and then scratched the repainting a little bit so I will have to repaint my repainting.

I also went to the motorcycle races today. The orchestra runs a concession stand during the races as a fund raiser. It rained. It rained. Oh, and did I mention that it rained? We had awnings to stand under and it really wasn't that bad. I had a two hour shift, but stayed about three and a half. Ms. G. went to go watch a former student race and I just stayed on because I felt like none of the other parents there had a clue about how things were supposed to work.

Michael is so overwhelmed and Science Olympiad hasn't started yet, and somehow he thinks he is going to be able to fit it in. I just really can't fathom how he believes this, when he already doesn't accomplish what he wants in terms of cello practice and homework, etc. Every time I say, "Look, you haven't completed this or this or this the way you like he still says he can do it. I may have to just put my foot down and say absolutely no. I am so mixed on what to do.



Erin S. said...

It's okay to teach him Balance mom. Something is going to give if he doesn't choose what he wants to do MORE. I know when we're young it's easy to just do so much....but I did that and only finished two years of college because of it. I burned myself out. I am just 'now' learning's not easy. Don't be mixed....sometimes lessons are good! :) He deserves just some fun teenage boy stuff too.

KAT said...

I'm excited to see your purple porch.