Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I just went to an auction and got a kick-ass couch for $25. A woman told me it has a down cushion and that she had to have a cushion made for her couch that is like the one I bought and the cushion alone cost $400.

I also bought a cool bench. I know there's a name for the style of bench, but I can't remember it. I think it's named after an architect, rather than a designer, but I could be wrong.

Now I need to fins some groovy fabric and either learn to upholster or hire someone.

I am so excited.

Please ignore messy house in pictures. I actually cooked dinner for my son tonight like a real mom, but then didn't stay home and wash dishes!

One thing that excites me about it is that I have always loved straight, clean lines. I have been thinking lately however, that I need to have a unexpected curve or swirl here or there to add visual interest - even thinking of turning the entrance into the hallway into an arch shape - I think the couch, with its straight legs, but the curved line of the back will add some interest.

I only went to the auction because of my research project about how we can increase our advertising revenue. I decided part of my research is to see how the auction world works and who the readers are. I have only been to two other auctions in my life. One with Judith, where I bought the mirror that hangs in my living room and a cook book and one at a different auction barn where it was so smoky from cigarettes we couldn't stay too long.

This was a really good experience and I have wanted a new couch for SO long. Now I will move the bed either out of the purple room or find a groovy wasy to rearrange it so the bed AND the futon are in here and we don't have to lie in bed or sit on the floor to watch movies.

AND Katie chatted up a guy and he brought it home for me and I think we might have dates for this weekend too! :)


Amber said...

Ooh- I love that couch!!

Hope said...

ME TOO! EVEN YELLOW! If you look at my floor, yellow is the accent color.