Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day.

I labored!

I completed a project that should have taken two hours and somehow it took a year for me to get through. I had a shirt that I received when volunteering at an event. It is a nice, long-sleeved, denim shirt. It had an advertising logo over the pocket - not a bad one WTIU, our PBS station, just not something I want to wear all the time. Also the sleeves were WAY long on me and when I did wear it I had to double roll up the cuffs and it was silly. A woman at work, Sue, wears this style of denim shirts frequently, many of them with cute little things embroidered on the collar or something. Sue is also much taller than I am and the shirt would fit her better. I decided I needed to put something cute on the shirt instead of the WTIU logo and give it to Sue. It has honestly taken me a freaking year to accomplish this task! But it is done. I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow.

I also had on my list to wash and sand the door today to get it ready for painting, but that didn't happen. I did finally get it washed this evening, but sanding is another day. I can't believe how dirty it looks even after being washed. It will be a good thing to paint it a darker/brighter color.

I also weeded one entire bed and my favorite/experimental patch of lawn.

I also read about 40 pages in my new book.

I also took a nap.

I also made only homemade food today, including some protein and veggies.

I still want to call Mom and Dad tonight (better do that soon) and bake banana bread.

The things that were on my list that haven't been accomplished was to spray paint some garden fencing , figure out the fish situation - the tank started leaking and they are living in plastic cups, and start the photo sorting process. I may still work on the photos tonight while the bed bakes. We'll see.

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