Friday, September 4, 2009

I post too much.

My "Dashboard" says I have 828 posts! So much for the idea that someday I will print these out and make a paper journal copy of them. It would probably be 1000 pages.

I don't have a lot to say tonight. I was a little irritable this afternoon and I needed to shave some hours to keep off overtime - of course not counting the hour and a half I worked off the clock last night filing and cleaning my desk! I went to lunch at Pizza Hut and the first person I see when I walk in is Shawn - the doesn't like me, thinks I'm negative, Un-friended me guy. He was with Karen and Melissa, sadly. I would have loved to had a chat with them. I really needed the time alone anyway. I sat and wrote down checks in my checkbook, which I haven't done in a long time! I also just relaxed and stayed extra long on purpose. Then I made a bank run (really working on lunch, huh....) and then shopped at Dollar General with a huge purchase of dish soap and something else so trivial I can't remember.

Michael had cello lesson tonight and I napped so deeply while he was in there I didn't even know where I was when I awakened! When we got home I made Michael fend for himself for dinner and then later I ate some crackers and cheese and summer sausage. I don't think I had enough protein today at all - 15 Gram protein shake for breakfast, salad and pizza for lunch - no snack except for some Smarties when I was feeling a little low, and I didn't even really test....

I had quite a few items on my list tonight and they were all simple. All are accomplished except iron the skirt I want to wear tomorrow, blogging, and bed by midnight. I messed that one up again, but it will be soon I promise. The iron is already hot and I have neither wisdom nor humor to pass on tonight!

I managed to put one more thing in the mail today! I also am one step closer to having Sue's shirt completed. I feel really good lately about just the little things. I am glad I can take happiness in little accomplishments. It certainly makes life more fun.

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