Monday, September 21, 2009

Passive Aggressive Parenting

So this is "Michael's Spot" at the table. We actually don't have assigned seats as such, but have fallen into that pattern that is comfortable and good. This is also Michael's pile of crap. All the papers are college recruiting material, as far as I know. Sometimes he really gets something good, like the letter that said he had qualified as an AP Honors Scholar. Who knows how long it actually sat in a pile like this.
Also note the dirty dishes and water bottles...I think the water bottles have been there at least four days - maybe the one on the far left longer than that. It even has a mate, but now the mate has been knocked to the floor. The plate on the left? Well Michael usually sits on the right, but it was so crappy that he moved over to the left for dinner tonight and then left ANOTHER set of dishes on the table.

Actually, I haven't even been that passive - having sworn to begin aggressive parenting from now on. Last night I said something like, "Michael I really need you to move the pile of stuff from the table before I start to get really upset and either totally passive aggressive or totally irritable and bitchy." There was no hinting about it. That's about as open as you can get. Tomorrow I am going to tell him if he doesn't get his stuff off the table I am going to dump it in his bed and he will have to remove all of it and wash his own damn dishes before he can go to bed.

The soda can is Heather's. I need to tell her the table is getting on my nerves and she better do her part to keep the peace before I start blogging about her too!


Kim said...

When I didn't do the dishes like my mom asked once when I was a teen she piled them all in my room. I never ever didn't do the dishes again after that.

Erin S. said...

Kim your mom is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if my parents had done that I wouldn't wait to do my dishes every couple of days. (I know..terrible...but noone else does them and they totally overwhelm me sometimes.) Were you finally able to get into to what's under my bed? kids are the same way. I don't know what to do, because DAD is the same way. Some days I just leave it...some days I become uber bitchy and other days I am very passive aggressive. I don't like it. I just wish they'd all understand that we'd all be happier if everyone didn't rely on MOM to take care of everything, because frankly mom is sick of the crap. Sorry for the insanely long sentence. :)