Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 good things:

This is the treasure I found in a box in Mom and Dad's basement. I think the Gehrings are on his side of the family, but I have to find out for sure. I already called the Tippecanoe Co Museum to find out if they can teach me or help me preserve it properly. I am even scared that the light from the scanner harmed it. I also looked on-line and found a guy on a geneology site asking for information for this exact person. I emailed him that I had a document about William Gehring, but he has not emailed me back yet. Thank goodness this was not in one of the boxes that was so mildewed we just had th throw everything out!
Good thing # 2: Report on the mint cheesecake with the worst crack of any cheesecake I have ever baked:
"I meant to write you a note before this. The cheesecake was a hit. It would have been good if I could have given my friends more information about your new business. The fresh mint made the taste even better and it was a very nice presentation. you made it easy to serve by cutting it for me. Very enjoyable and I was glad that I was the winner that got to sample your cheesecake. Good luck with your business. Carla. PS: You might want to check with Melton's Orchard to see if they might have a market for your cheesecakes. A friend of mine has re-opened it and is looking for good things to sell there."
Go me.
I also sent the information regarding selling products to the leader of the Kitchen incubator group. It may come in handy as more if us get closer to actual production stage.
I am still sitting at my desk at work. Michael is finishing his homework and then he is going to call me so we can meet downtown for dinner. I can't bear the thought of cooking tonight. I did no dishes last night, choosing instead to do some paperworkish things that need done.
I am going to do a nice mix of playing around and work organization while I wait for Michael. Thursday is often a difficult and busy day because it is the deadline for Sunday and Monday (this week Tuesday because of Memorial Day). I will feel better and have a better day if I start organized!
I would kind of like to go out tonight and hear Sarah sing again. Also the bassist who plays with her, Beautiful Ben has suggested that he and Michael play together to get some more improv opportunities. There is some part of it that Ben said the bassist (Ron) is really good at teaching, but I can't remember what. I might give Katie a call in a little bit and see if she is in for some music. the only problem with it, is then the dishes are still not done! Sigh...
Okay, time to go file and pile or unpile and file because the pile is a mile, and typing that made me smile.

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