Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Coat one is complete on the front door. I think it will only take two coats. I haven't closed it all the way yet. It is still a little tacky and I don't want the paint to stick to the rubber door seal and get pulled off when I open the door tomorrow!

I got a late start because I stayed at work until almost 7:00. It was a HECK of a day. I worked and worked and worked.... I did take a lunch because they made me. Of course then I stayed and worked an hour and a half off the clock and I am about to log in and answer some emails! I can hardly accomplish my work in 40 hours each week and even though Monday was pleasant I still have the same amount of work to accomplish in 32 hours - probably more because Joyce who helps me a lot is on vacation, which leaves Pam, who also helps me a lot, doing the work of two people already. There is also a special feature on Sunday for Grandparents' day and of course guess who took the most ads... and they are labor intensive. I just hope I don't screw anything up. Speaking of screwing up - yesterday I took an ad for a free dog and instead of putting the customer's phone number in the ad I put my direct line phone number! Huge portions of my day were wasted giving people who called the correct phone number and answering voice mails from people to give them the correct phone number. I have changed it for tomorrow's paper, but I bet when I get in in the morning there will be at least 20 messages for the damn dog! Sigh... that's one mistake from which I suffered direct consequences. Ugh. (Still kind of funny).

Okay going to go do some email things, some dishes things, some keep the fish alive things and then get to bed! I hope before 11:00 tonight. We'll see.

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