Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Carnage and Death on 9/9/9

Okay, yes, I know I am supposed to be in bed, BUT...I innocently went outside to water some beautiful blooms, part of the front porch beautification project and came across this scene of carnage and death, worthy of CSI, Bloomington.
Bodies strewn about everywhere, sucked dry of their precious bodily fluids. A quarter emphasizes the size of the monster killer, too cocky to leave the scene and create an alibi.
Front porch beautification will need another round of crime scene clean-up and evidence collecting before this "Black Widow" escapes!
Just look at her in all her glory, gloating over her innocent victims. The horror, the fear. CSI Bloomington will have it all under control before the "after" shots of the porch beautification project. We'll flush every siding overlap and every corner trim to find this carnivorous predator's daytime hiding space and I am pretty sure she has committed some capital crimes.

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Erin S. said...

Spiders are really cool. I don't like them crawling on me, mind you....but I love how they operate. She is a good huntress!