Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dad Update:

He said he didn't hit his head when he fell, but they X-rayed it anyway and said he has bleeding on the brain. They haven't said surgery or no surgery. They have said they can't do anything right now because his blood pressure is really high. At this point I am going to stay here until morning and try to get some sleep. Heather is supposed to call me tonight if it looks like I need to get up there more quickly. I think I will go get Michael on the way up if it looks serious, that this might be it.

Here's my psychosis left from my childhood. I planned to go up this weekend and help in the house some more. I decided I couldn't go until tomorrow so I could work on my own house and do the shopping and stuff today, and even then, only if I felt like I got enough done. Even though I have told him over and over again not to go up and down those stairs I feel like it's my fault because if I had gone up there today to help he wouldn't have done it. :(

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Erin S. said...

Oh Hope....we can't do it all. You mean well and you care...that is always important. He may have gone up regardless. I hope he gets better!!