Saturday, September 26, 2009

Got some blues going on...

Joann Shaw Taylor playing blues guitar on another tab. It keeps pausing, however and is a little nutty!

Worked hard today, accomplished a lot, felt good about it.

Michael went downtown and recorded something with some guy. He didn't have a good answer as to what kind of music they played so it must defy all genres. He's supposed to get a copy when the CD is done so we'll see. I guess kid has worked his way up to uncredited studio musician? That's a good step on the ladder, right? As long as you don't stay there forever, I guess.

Michael's gone to Ed's and I am tired so I have just been doing my mellow mix of housework and computering... a little EASY crafting thrown in, but a project I have wanted to do for a long time. Heather is gone back up to Indy. She had to work at a concert tonight, "The Kings of Leon." I don't know much about them.

Tomorrow's plans will be weather dependent. It is the weekend of the Lotus World music festival, which is an amazing Bloomington event. There are a lot of bands and musicians you can see, or at least HEAR without paying. If the weather is nice it is fun to just go stroll around and see people and hear snippets here and there. One year I met up with some friends on accident and they were in a wild mood and got me dancing and we had fun. I kind of like going alone, though, so I can hear and see what I want to hear and see, without having to be considerate of anyone else's desires.

It's after 1:00 and I meant to have my midnight bedtime goal tonight, but I have felt good....

I am reading a book written by a girl I knew in HS. "Jesus Land" by Julia Scheeres. Interesting because it seems like she had a completely different perception of our school and community than I did. I kind of wish I hadn't found out about her memoirs before I have completed mine, but it is compelling and now I can't stop. I was friends with one of her brothers and acquainted with her other brother and her, who were both two years behind me in school. I went to their house at least once, and maybe more and spent time with her brother Jerome, who is one year younger than I, and also sat with him on the bus a lot. The younger brother, David, died in a car crash a few years ago and Jerome is in prison. I knew he was on his way to trouble because he lived in the Cary Home for Boys for a while when my Aunt Mary Lou was a house mother and she told me when he was convicted and sent to jail later. I really liked him in HS and he treated me with respect. It is difficult to read Julia's account of life with him, because according to her, he raped her and often... and I know his imprisonment is for rape. It was hard to imagine it was true when I knew that and now to read Julia's account is difficult. I would NEVER go so far as to say someone is lying and I don't think she is, I believe her. It just hurts to know. It hurts for Julia and it hurts for Jerome, and it hurts for David.... David was in a play once for which I did the make up (I can't remember which show) and I could NOT convince him that he should wear makeup. He was pretty dark brown and he kept trying to tell me there was no way the lights would wash out his color while I kept trying to tell him he HAD to have at least his eyes lined and mascaraed... I can't remember who won in the end! It's deep reading for me, and very personal, but hard to resist just sitting and reading until it's complete so I can see if her description of what was also MY world ever merges more with my memories. So on that note. I am going to go read until I can't hold the book open any longer, I think!

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