Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not a lot to say.

Today is Heather's real birthday. She made a nice dinner while I worked and even baked her own cake and I am planning to eat a piece of it soon! I took Michael to a cello lesson with beautiful Ben and then we came home to a good dinner. Yum. I promised to do every dish without bitching for my part.

I also plan to make pumpkin bread for work tomorrow. Someone bought ONE SLICE for like $2.00 at Starbucks today and I will make an entire large loaf for less than that I am sure. I also want to figure the nutrition information and see how it comes out.

I got a letter from the county that my property taxes haven't been paid. Ummmm.... I have an escrow account and my mortgage payments are caught up. They did send me a letter that there was an escrow shortage this year, but they offered that I could either pay it or they would add it onto the projected amount for this year and I could pa it throughout the year. I thought that was the default so I did nothing so I have to call them tomorrow and see what the heck is going on!

I will return and report on that!

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