Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Illinois.

In the beautiful Chicago suburb of Romeoville. We have been pretty mellow, hanging out at Emily's, playing Guitar hero. I cooked some elk pasta for dinner tonight - pictures later.

The best part so far is a trip to the Ikea in Schaumburg. We met up with my friend Marci with whom I grew up! It was SO nice to see her and meet her cute, sweet and smart son! Yay for the reconnections of Facebook. We had lost touch for a long, long time.

I spent a teeny, tiny money at Ikea - on a table I plan to set up in the family room for working on crafts. A designated place to leave active projects out, that will make me happy, happy!

Dad is doing better. It would take a long time to actually report and Michael is ready to go back to the hotel and go to bed. Sometimes it sucks to have a health-conscious and body-aware teenager. He knows he's tired, so I am compelled to return to the hotel, harumph. AND we have a shared room and he can't sleep with the TV on. I may have to hang out in the lobby and work on my embroidery or read.

I could put him to bed and find some nightlife in the area. Hmmm.....

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