Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back Home Again in Indiana...

... and with a list to do, of things both good and bad, blah, bla, blablabla baaahhhh... I didn't want to think of any more rhymes. Sorry.

Last night I went crazy manic and after I dropped Michael at the hotel I went and got the gas and washed the car and then sat by the car wash thing and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the interior and the windows of the car. It has been SO long. It still looks dirty! I will have to work on it some more.

I also went and walked around Walgreen for a long time and found some amazing gifts to bring for my friends and coworkers. I also went to Wal-mart and walked a long time. I definitely got in some movement yesterday with IKEA added to my late-night wandering! I am also proud to report that only the first time at the hotel, when we had all our bags did I take the elevator to our third floor room. I used the stairs every single time after that!

We had breakfast/lunch with Em and Scott today and then got right on the road. We had a good drive back, I rested a little - my bad hip is in agony - then went to a concert (ouch! more sitting!) , that was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Josef Gingold's birthday. It was amazing. Josh Bell played a fancy rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy with the highest, clearest harmonics I have EVER heard. Look HERE:
to see something similar. I think he dressed it up even more tonight.

One really cool part was that a speaker traced Gingold's "lineage" of violin teachers back to the "father" of modern violin technique/ teaching. It's great to know that Emily has that same linage, having had April, who studied under Gingold, as her teacher! Ms. Gouker sent Emily a violin for a graduation gift. She wouldn't play for us 1) brand new bow has to be rosined for a long time before it is sticky enough to use 2) she said she wouldn't be good anymore and needs to practice first. I am so happy that Emily has a violin now! Like Ms. G. said, "She's too good to not play anymore."

Okay. I have to get to bed very soon and also get off my ass.... the hip is way in pain and I think I need the real pain meds for it. I'll be sitting on my ball at work tomorrow and standing and walking whenever possible to keep the pain away!

Good night!

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Deb said...

Good to read you're home, safely so. Also glad to have read your Dad is doing better--tough stuff that stuff. High applause to you all, realizing the love and energy it takes in those life moments.

Now, just be takin' good care of that hip, wontcha?!