Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simple and quick.

Dinner tonight - this is the focaccia dough made into a calzone - this one is Michael's veggie only. It worked, but because it is not a very "stretchy" dough it was difficult to get it nice around the filling.
This was about as pretty as I could get it to look. We have also used it like a "pre-cooked" pizza dough, added our ingredients on top and baked it a second time around. I did sautee the veggies because I was afraid the bread would burn if it had to cook long enough to cook the veggies too.

Michael had an orchestra event today where a small ensemble played in Kroger and we collected money and sold CDs. I think it was fairly successful. Michael has been not feeling well all weekend and will probably miss school tomorrow. Some of the money I spent yesterday was on a couple of full spectrum light bulbs. We need to get them all over the house, I think. No more sick and depressed winters! Life has its challenges.

I still have some business tasks I need to do - start weighing ingredients to prepare for my packaging. Ingredients have to be listed in order of weight predominance. One of my expenditures $35 for electronic food scales. I was going to borrow Eric's from when he had the pizza shop, but it is not sufficient.

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