Sunday, November 15, 2009

I pretty muched kicked today's ass...

... but then it kicked me back. I awakened headache-free at a pleasantly late hour. Had a hunk o' meat for breakfast. Then I did a few household tasks off and on the way I do. After a while I lay down and took a I-don't-know-how-many-hour-nap. Still feeling great at this point. So I went outside and started working on the yard. Sprayed the remaining Canada Thistle with the organic weed killer and cut wood, some by hand, some using the little electric saw my dad had given me. Still feeling good. Finished up a little later than planned so jumped in the car in yard working/ house working clothes to go get Michael from Ed's. I took a big glass of ginger ale and some snacks, having not eaten since this morning's hunk o' meat. Still felt fine. Once I got on the road safely I checked the VM. Heather said something about Mom taking Dad home from the nursing home... I didn't get the whole thing so I called back. What it was was that they had given her permission to take him for a drive in the car, but she was not to try to transfer him out of the car. I guess what they did was drive home and sit in front of the house for an extended period. I called Heather again and she was at their house and said Mom still hadn't come back. I called the nursing home and checked with the nurse and she reported that they had returned safely, had some visitors, Dad was in a good mood and not complaining of headache or pain. YAY! I guess a trip home was a good idea, even if he couldn't go inside. Maybe sitting there looking at those four stairs up to the porch and the one more over the threshold will make him realize he needs to accomplish a lot in therapy to get there! Heather is staying until tomorrow and she is going to talk to the Social Worker and Therapists. We can't get any information out of mom.

Bad thing is, whether from the scent of the weed killer (Clove oil based), the worry that they had not contacted Heather after returning to the nursing home, or having to call the nurse, the guy with the screwdriver started stabbing me in the left eye and the right side of the head. After a nice day with no pain killers I was instantly physically miserable. I guess this makes it pretty obvious it is stress-related. Sigh. I'm pretty sure I will have to be drugged to sleep tonight and make it to work tomorrow, but it is happening very soon - definitely before midnight tonight. All I have left to do is take my night-time meds and wipe where I sprayed some cleaned in the tub - I probably shouldn't have done that with the head hurting already, duh.

Good night.

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