Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh My!

Hysterical call from mother about 11:15, a trip to Lafayette, meeting with Social Worker, nurses, dealing with Dad who ANGRY. I think we're settled for now. I will probably still go up Sunday unless I am having my own nervous breakdown. I am very much on the edge mentally. Last night when I was so tired It took me over two hours to fall into a nightmare filled sleep. Physical discomfort with the hip, and the car is the worst thing for it. Going back to Dr. Karin tomorrow for some more work.

I was saving my massage until I hit 180, but that may never happen with all this stress. I may need to go ahead and get it now as a self- care act, and not a reward. It's just so damned expensive!

All I am going to do now is feed the fish, take my medicine, refill my pill case and then SLEEP, even if it takes a load of tranquilizers to get to sleep.


Quilt or Dye said...

So Sorry! You are bearing the burdens of so many right now. It will get better if you can get through it.

Kim said...

Life is too short. Get the massage, Hopie.