Thursday, November 19, 2009

Up late

I took the new med to help me sleep and I was in a fog all day. No more of that! When I got home I slept until almost 9:00 , I think. I committed to baking cookie for a bake sale at work tomorrow so I had to get up and do it. Now I still have to package them and then get my butt to bed!

I am still not happy with the cookie results from the local flour. She calls it a "pastry flour," but I just don't think the grind is fine enough for my tastes. I have made cookies with it twice and they have turned out to be thin cookies, instead of the fat chewy ones I like. I tried additional flour and oats tonight and I still didn't like them. I want to get a good batch of cookies to figure out the correct ratios and also to get pictures up before Holiday Market. I don't even like the way these look. I may have to go back to retail flour for these cookies and try to find another recipe that is good for the local flour. I wonder if the beer bread recipe would take it. Maybe I will make that tomorrow.

I just had the Dove chocolate party and now I am having a jewelry party for Heather, who is selling Lia Sophia. People are going to think I am inviting them over just to get free stuff, but I really just like having people over to the house, and why not help a friend or sister get started in their business at the same time? Lots of people are helping and supporting me in my ambitions too!

Well I bet the cookies are cool enough to bag up so good night!

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